Salzburg Global Fellow Updates - March 2016




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Apr 07, 2016
by Patrick Wilson
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Salzburg Global Fellow Updates - March 2016
Compilation of our Fellows' recent achievements and landmarks Have you got some news - a new book, a promotion, a call for grant proposals - that you'd like to share with the Salzburg Global Fellowship? Email Salzburg Global Seminar Fellowship Manager Jan Heinecke.
Belabbes Benkredda, Fellow of Session 544 | Strengthening Diversity and Inclusion in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Yemen and Session 508 | Getting Transition Right A rights-based approach towards Diversity and Inclusivity, has been chosen as a 2016 Yale World Fellow. Each year, Yale University invites a group of exemplary mid-career professionals from a wide range of fields and countries for an intensive four-month period of academic enrichment and leadership training. Benkredda is part of the 15th cohort of Yale World Fellows whose mission is to cultivate and empower a network of globally engaged leaders committed to making the world a better place. Read the full press release hereJanikke Klem is a Fellow of the 48th International Study Program on Global Citizenship (ISP). Klem has been named among Silicon Valley's Women of Influence by the Silicon Valley Business Journal for her position as Vice President of Technology Credit Union. Her colleague Kate Duggan was also honored. CEO of Tech CU, Barbara Kamm said “Both Kate and Janikke have been instrumental in their areas of expertise -- ensuring that we serve the needs of our members while supporting our business units.” You can read the full article hereMalinda McPherson and Charles Limb are Fellows of Session 547 | The Neuroscience of Art: What are the Sources of Creativity and Innovation? Their work has been featured in an article by the Atlantic entitled “Mapping Creativity in the Brain” that highlights new research on the neuroscience of creativity. The article references research led by McPherson and co-authored by Limb that asked jazz pianists to improvise in an fMRI scanner; the musicians were instructed to first review photographs of a woman wearing a positive, negative, or neutral expression, and then to try to match the photo’s mood with their improvised melodies. You can read the full article about their findings hereSridhar Rangayan is a Fellow of Session 506 | Global LGBT Forum: LGBT and Human Rights: New Challenges, Next Steps. Rangayan was selected by a worldwide nomination to be part of the British Council’s inaugural “fiveFilms4freedom” Global List. The list consists of 33 inspiring people from 23 different countries who are changing social perceptions about LGBTQ communities throughout the world. As well as this, his documentary Breaking Free has won the Best Editing category of India’s 63rd National Film Awards. To read more details about the film and the fiveFilms4freedom Global List, please read our article hereDanish Sheikh, Fellow of Session 551 | Global LGBT Forum - Strengthening Communities: LGBT Rights & Social Cohesion, has been featured in an article by the New York Times entitled “Dreaming of Gay Rights in Delhi.” The article talks about Danish’s assistance with two briefs in the Indian Supreme Court that is attempting to decriminalize homosexuality in India as well as his struggles he faced with his family accepting his sexuality. You can read our full article about Sheikh’s experiences here. Leana Wen, Fellow of Session 559 | Hooked on Health Care: Designing Strategies for Better Health, has appeared on a panel with President Barack Obama. The panel was moderated by Dr. Sanjay Gupta at the National Rx Drug Abuse & Heroin Summit in Atlanta, Georgia on March 29, 2016. On the panel Wen discussed Baltimore’s innovative work on addiction recovery. Wen is the Baltimore City Health Commissioner and along with the President, was joined by two people in long-term recovery, Crystal Oertle and Justin Luke Riley, who shared their inspiring stories. When commenting on the panel she said “It was a great honor to represent our City, and set the record straight on addiction: that it is a disease; that treatment exists; that recovery is possible.” The panel discussion can be seen in full below.