Salzburg Global Fellow Updates - July 2016




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Jul 21, 2016
by Jessica Franzetti
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Salzburg Global Fellow Updates - July 2016
Compilation of our Fellows' recent achievements and landmarks Our featured July Fellows(from top left): Murray-White, Ross, Cole, Hall, Paz, Suteu, George, Sollano, Finch, Degirmencioglu and Glavanakova   Have you got some news - a new book, a promotion, a call for grant proposals - that you would like to share with the Salzburg Global Fellowship? Email Salzburg Global Fellowship Manager Jan Heinecke.
Charlotte Cole, a fellow of the 2015 session Early Childhood Development & Education, recently published a book, titled, The Sesame Effect: The Global Impact of the Longest Street in the World. Her book examines the wide-ranging work of Sesame Workshop and its adaptation around the world. You can purchase her book here.   Serdar Degirmencioglu, is a Fellow who has attended three sessions, including the session Engaging Youth in Community Development in 2003. He has published an article on the Times Higher Education Blog, titled, “Kites, poetry and tallies: academic freedom disappears in Turkey", where he discusses increasing restrictions on freedom of speech in academia by the Turkish government. His article can be found here.  UPDATE: While the above article has been written before the events in Turkey on July 15, Serdar has published another piece on the consequences for the Turkish higher education system just a few days ago (on July 28). It can be read here. G.A. Finch, who participated in the 1984 session New Patterns of Trade and Finance, was recently appointed to the Illinois Civil Service Commission, by the state’s governor. Finch is an attorney, who previously served on a number of Illinois commissions and committees.  To learn more about Finch’s appointment, a press release can be found here. Marvin George, a Fellow from the 2007 session Cultural Institutions without Walls: New Models of Arts-Community Interaction, shares a call for proposals to CARIBNET’s third Caribbean Educative Arts Festival. The Festival convenes a cross-discipline dialogue concerning the arts and culture and the crucial role they play in Caribbean development.  More information regarding eligibility and proposal requirements, can be found here.  Alexandra Glavanakova, Fellow of the sessions Resistance and Readiness: Immigration, Nativism and the Challenge of Ethnic and Religious Diversity in the US and Europe Today and The Continuing Challenge of America's Ethnic Pluralism, has published a book, titled: Transcultural Imaginings. Translating the Other, Translating the Self in Narratives about Migration and Terrorism.  The book offers an analysis of the multifarious manifestations of Otherness, which, though seemingly dichotomous, actually form a complex network of oppositions and interactions. The book explores the transcultural visions of American, Bulgarian, Canadian, French, and Pakistani writers expressing the complexities of cultural transformations in these liquid times. Encountering others within the context of facts and fictions about migration and terrorism, and from the perspective of transculturalism, cultural translation, and Julia Kristeva’s psychoanalytic reading of alterity, allows for the recognition and the acceptance of the Other within. Her book can be found here.  Brooke Hall is a Fellow who participated in the multi-year series, Salzburg Global Forum for Young Cultural Innovators, during October 2014. She is the co-creator of Light City Baltimore, which is the first large-scale international light festival in the United States. Founded in 2016, in its first year Light City Baltimore welcomed over 400,000 people from around the world during its seven nights and contributed approximately 33.8 million to the local economy.     An article about Light City Baltimore and its impact, can be found here. Coincidentally, the article's author at the Baltimore Sun, Brittany Britto, is also a Salzburg Global Fellow! She participated in last year's Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change: Civic Voices - Justice, Rights and Social Change. James Murray-White, a fellow of the session The Neuroscience of Art: What are the Sources of Creativity and Innovation? – has recently completed a year-long project commissioned by the upcoming, ‘Normal? Festival of the Brain’ in Folkestone, United Kingdom. The project came about from a connection made at Salzburg Global, with Fellow Ariane Koek, who participated in the same session.
Sol Paz, is a  2014 Fellow who attended the third program in the series Holocaust Education and Genocide Prevention: Sharing Experience Across Borders. Paz leads a Holocaust education program at the Alberto Einstein School and the Muñoz Borrero´s Center in Ecuador. Her team recently developed a traveling exhibit with two narratives: the first about the history of the Second World War and the other about the Holocaust. During the 2014 session, she met Fellows Tracey Petersen and Fumiko Ishioka, who provided assistance in contacting other schools who have developed their own traveling exhibits. With greater insight into traveling to other schools, Paz’s exhibit began visiting nearby schools during May and June of 2016. Paz hopes to partner with the local Ministry of Education, so that the exhibit can travel to public schools during the upcoming school year.  An article in Spanish about the traveling exhibit can be found here. An announcement, also in Spanish, about the inauguration of the exhibit at a German school in Ecuador, can be found hereThomas W. Ross, Fellow of the 2009 session Greening the Minds: Universities, Climate Leadership and Sustainable Futures, and former President of Davidson College and the University of North Carolina, has been named President of the Volcker Alliance. The Volcker Alliance, an organization that seeks to advance effective governance, partnered with Salzburg Global for the session Restoring the Public’s Trust: Delivering on Public Policy Goals in 2013.  To read more about Ross’ recent appointment, an article can be found here.  Francis Sollano, attended the 2016 session, Beyond Green: The Arts as a Catalyst for Sustainability, where discussions regarding climate change and the arts inspired him to create a collaborative series of wearable bras that are made entirely from scrap and garbage. Working with design students from the University of the Philippines, Sollano’s project titled, “Wear the Earth on Your Chest,” celebrated World Environment Month.  A newsletter detailing the project and displaying additional photos can be found here. The newsletter mentions another Fellow of the session, Beyond the Green: The Arts as Catalyst for SustainabilitySingh Intrachooto, who heads Thailand’s Scrap Lab, which transforms industrial waste into different, usable products.

Corina Suteu, a Fellow who most recently participated in the session Public and Private Cultural Exchange-Based Diplomacy: New Models for the 21st Century, became the Minister of Culture in Romania during May 2016. She was previously the state secretary in the Romanian Ministry of Culture. An article about her nomination, can be found here.