Salzburg Global Fellow Updates - February 2015




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Feb 26, 2015
by Jan Heinecke and Stuart Milne
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Salzburg Global Fellow Updates - February 2015

Monthly compilation of our Fellows' achievements and landmarks Filmmaker Mark Boulos speaks at Session 547 | The Neuroscience of Art

Starting in 2015, every month we bring you the highlights from the Salzburg Global Fellowship. Have you got some news - a new book, a promotion, a call for grant proposals - that you'd like to share with the Salzburg Global Fellowship? Email Salzburg Global Seminar Fellowship Manager Jan Heinecke.

Mark Boulos, Fellow of recent Session 547 | The Neuroscience of Art: What are the Sources of Creativity and Innovation? will exhibit his video art installation Echo at the University of Bath's Institute of Contemporary Interdisciplinary Arts from April 24 - May 31 as part of the exhibition Mythology.

Stella Flores, Fellow of Session 537 | Students at the Margins, has been selected for the inaugural class of Chancellor Faculty Fellows at Vanderbilt University. The Chancellor Faculty Fellows Program was launched in September 2014 to support outstanding faculty who have recently received tenure. She will receive an annual unrestricted allocation of $40,000 for two fiscal years to support innovative research, scholarship and creative expression activities to further her academic career.

John Ryan, Fellow of multiple sessions including Session 385 | Europe in the Global Community: Economics, Diplomacy & Security, has published two articles on credit rating agencies and Greece's relationship with the Eurozone for Policy Review and European Spring. He was also quoted in a Newsweek story on the future of the Greek economy.

Michael Lessac, Fellow of Session 532 | Conflict Transformation through Culture: Peace-Building & the Arts, is looking to build on the success of his film A Snake Gives Birth to a Snake, which recently won the Social Justice Award at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. The documentary charts the journey of a group of South African actors who take a play based on the country's post-apartheid period of truth and reconciliation to conflict zones around the world. Any contacts who can help take the film forward would be greatly appreciated.

Maoliang Bu, Fellow of Session 467 | Asia's Emerging Powers: Rivalry and Global Responsibility, has published a new book Globalization and the Environment of China, which is the 14th volume of the Emerald book series Frontiers of Economics and Globalization. Dr. Bu has recently been selected as an International Climate Protection Fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.