Salzburg Global Fellow Updates - December 2015




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Dec 18, 2015
by Jan Heinecke
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Salzburg Global Fellow Updates - December 2015

Compilation of our Fellows' recent achievements and landmarks Sundeep Waslekar discusses "Water, Wars and an Uncertain Future" in Gulf News opinion piece.

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Tamara Adrian participated in all Salzburg Global LGBT Forums, the most recent being “LGBT Rights & Social Cohesion.” She recently was elected as a congresswoman in Venezuela’s National Assembly. This has been deemed by many as a historic moment for the nation, as Adrian became the first transgender congresswoman elected in the country and in the whole of South America. Watch her interview on being trans with the Salzburg Global LGBT Forum here.  

Gail Garbrandt, Fellow of Session 455 - Peace-Making and Peace-Building: Securing the Contributions of Women and Civil Society, was appointed new chairwoman of the Tuscarawas County (Ohio) Democratic Party. In an interview for the Times Reporter she stated her excitement, especially regarding the presidential election next year: “It should be an exciting time. Ohio is so important in presidential races, so we should see a lot of visits from the nominees.”

At a recent Hong Kong Fellow gathering, Selina Lai-Henderson, who participated in SSASA 12 - Defining America: New Writing, New Voices, New Direction, informed us about the recent publication of her new book on Mark Twain in China. The book is available on Amazon.

Sundeep Waslekar participated in Session 543 - 1814, 1914, 2014: Lessons from the Past, Visions for the Future. While his organization, the Stretegic Foresight Group, is indeed trying to forecast future trends in international diplomacy and security, one of the key assumptions is that future conflicts will increasingly be connected with the access to water. To learn more we suggest reading his recent opinion peace in the Gulf News, entitled Water, Wars and an Uncertain Future