Salzburg Global Fellow Updates - April 2016




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Apr 29, 2016
by Patrick Wilson and Rand El Zein
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Salzburg Global Fellow Updates - April 2016

Compilation of our Fellows' recent achievements and landmarks Our featured April Fellows

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Anwar Akhtar is a Fellow who participated in various Sessions including as a faculty member of the 2014 Salzburg Global Media Academy and as a facilitator of both sessions of the Young Cultural Innovators Forum - Session 538 and Session 554. Akhtar’s latest project is a film entitled ‘Karachi – A City of Children’. The film depicts Karachi, a city that holds 20 million people with thousands of children living on its streets. It explores how child exploitation is part of metropolis’s economic sector from refuse collection to industry. The film interviews the people of Azad Foundation, whom have been working since 1998 to provide welfare for the street children in Karachi. 

The film was made by Karachi University School of Visual Arts as part of the Pakistan Calling film project from The Samosa in partnership with the RSA.

For more information about the issues of child welfare work in Karachi, please visit: Azad Foundation and KVTC 

You can watch the full film below.

Bharat Doshi is a Fellow of Session 550 | Corporate Governance in the Global Economy: The Changing Role of Directors and Session 384 | Asian Economies: Regional and Global Relationships. He also hosted the Fellowship event India’s Role in a Globalized World: New Priorities and Expanded Horizons. Doshi has been appointed as Director at the Reserve Bank of India. Mahindra Group chairman, Anand Mahindra said: “Bharat has been an integral part of the Mahindra growth story and a solid pillar of the Group for over 40 years."

You can read the full article here.

Another Fellow from Session 550, Christian Mikosch, together with colleagues at international law firm Wolf Theiss commented on the consequences of the Panama Papers, while also stressing the importance to not forget about the "forgotten" tax havens within the United States and the related implications for trans-atlantic trade relations.

You can read the full article (in German) here.

Khaled El Hagar, Fellow of Session 403 | From Page to Screen: Adapting Literature to Film, has released his new film Sins of the Flesh.

The film examines revenge, passion and the misuse of power and concerns five people who live on a desert farm during the Egyptian revolution.

A French review of the movie by Le Monde can be read here

Eun-Kyoung Kwon is a Fellow from Session 556 | International Responses to Crimes Against Humanity: The Challenge of North Korea and the manager of the International team at the International Coalition to Stop Crime against Humanity in North Korea (ICNK). ICNK has produced a motion graphics video that provides an easy summary of the Commission of Inquiry report. It shows the fundamental human rights violations the North Korean regime (DPRK) has committed, according to the UN General Assembly and the UN Human Right Council. The video specifically tackles the issue of freedom of thought and expression. Kwon claims that the next motion graphics ICNK plans on producing confronts the matter of Freedom of Religion in North Korea. 

You can watch the first CIO Report video about freedom of thought and expression below.

Pam Veinotte and Daniel Raven-Ellison, Fellows of Session 557 | Parks for the Planet Forum: Nature, Health and a New Urban Generation, are to be featured as guest speakers at the Urban Biosphere Initiative webinar (URBIS Dialogue) on May 12th from 16:00 to 17:15 CEST.

URBIS Dialouge 12 is produced by IUCN and ICLEI and will be on the topic of connecting cities and their natural area regional networks of green spaces. Lead speaker, Chantal van Ham, EU Programme Manager Nature Based Solutions in the IUCN EU Representative Office in Brussels, will guide the discussion on investing in nature within and beyond urban boundaries that can offer a valuable economic return for cities as well as looking into the potential of unconventional partnerships and innovative ways to connect cities and urban dwellers to natural landscapes that can provide significant benefits in their day to day lives.

You can register for the webinar at the link here.

Sara Watson, a Fellow from Session 542 Early Childhood Development and Education, is the Global director of ReadyNation, a business membership organization that advocates for investments in children and youth in order to improve the economy and workforce. ReadyNation is co-sponsoring the First Early Education Action Congress, hosted by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) on June 6 and 7, in Paris. Watson is also moderating a panel at the congress on the topic ‘Building Unexpected Advocates for Early Childhood.’ Watson claims that “This is an exciting opportunity to explore not just what early childhood services should be, but how to build the public and political will to give all children access.” 

For more information about the congress visit the Ensemble for Education Program website here

As well as this, ReadyNation’s first international newsletter on global business actions on early childhood is now available. To subscribe, please click this link