Salzburg Director of Education to Advise ETF




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May 08, 2013
by Salzburg Global Staff
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Salzburg Director of Education to Advise ETF

Jochen Fried joins European Training Foundation’s FRAME project Jochen Fried speaking at the 56th session of the Global Citizenship Program

Jochen Fried, Salzburg Global Seminar's Director of Education, has been appointed to the advisory board of the European Training Foundation (ETF)'s FRAME project, which supports pre-accession countries to strengthen their human resource development.

ETF is a decentralized agency of the European Union based in Turin, Italy.

Its mission is to help transition and developing countries to harness the potential of their human capital through the reform of education, training and labor market systems.

The FRAME project aims to answer such questions as: "Which skills should we (in our country) develop towards 2020, and how can these skills be generated by the education and training system? What are the capacity needs of institutions to achieve the 2020 vision for skills? (This includes capacity review of policy planning, implementation and monitoring and the capacity to use foresight as forward looking policy making approach). What indicators are needed to monitor progress and targets for the 2020 vision of skills? How can countries create synergy in human resource development and learn from each other?"

"The countries seeking to accede to the European Union require a strategic approach to developing a vision for human resource development focusing in particular on the skills that are more likely to be needed in the period 2014-20," states the ETF website.

As member of the FRAME Advisory Board, Dr. Fried will attend the Torino Process Conference 2013: Moving Skills Forward on May 8-9.

The Torino Process  was launched in 2010, and is a biannual participatory analytical review of the status and progress of vocational education and training in the ETF partner countries, which include not only countries in the "Enlargement Region" such as the former Yugoslavian states and Turkey, but also the wider "European Neighbourhood" and Central Asia.

According to the ETF, "The objective of the Torino Process is twofold: to acquire up-to-date knowledge about the policies and their results in a country; and to strengthen the ownership, participation and evidence-bae of policy making to improve the performance of policies."

In his advisory role, Dr. Fried will be able to draw on his extensive experience and contacts accumulated during the Universities Project (1998-2003) and the Global Citizenship Program (2004-present) of Salzburg Global Seminar.

The cooperation with ETF will help strengthen SGS’s relations to the EU and generate synergies across our programs.

The Torino Process Conference 2013: Moving Skills Forward starts today, May 8 at 2pm CEST and will run for two days in Turin, Italy.

A guide to the conference can be found in the ETF's Issuu library and for those wishing to follow the conference live, ETF (@etfeuropa) and other participants will be tweeting on the hashtag #etftrp and posting on Storify.