Salzburg Around the World - From South Africa to Singapore




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Dec 01, 2015
by Heather Jaber
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Salzburg Around the World - From South Africa to Singapore

The Salzburg Global Seminar team goes on the road to discuss issues of education, youth, and cultural exchange in Korea, Japan, Italy, and China Susanna Seidl-Fox (center) with YCIs and Vice-Mayor Liu in Seoul, Korea

The Salzburg Global Seminar team is more active than ever, connecting with Fellows and foundations around the world. Recently, our ambassadors were in South Africa, Singapore, Korea, Japan and Italy talking about culture, education,  youth, and bridging societal divides.

Hot on heels of her trip to Cape Town, South Africa at the invitation of Red Bull's Amaphiko project last month, Clare Shine, Salzburg Global Vice President and Chief Program Officer, together with Andrew Ho, US Development Director is this week gearing up for the upcoming session Philanthropy in the Global Age, which will take place December 4-5 in Hong Kong. The session marks the inaugural convening of The Global Friends, a consortium of global philanthropists leading values-driven social innovation. Part of this broader Asian trip also has Shine and Ho in Japan, meeting with the Japan Foundation, the Nippon Foundation, and many of our Japan-based Fellows.

Susanna Seidl-Fox, Program Director for Culture and the Arts, traveled to Florence, Italy to discuss the pressing need for Western societies and global Muslim communities to comprehend and communicate with each other. The Brademas Centre at NYU brought twenty artists, conveners, practitioners, and funders together from November 11-13 to identify the work that needs to be done to achieve this.

The findings from the session Conflict Transformation through Culture were relevant here, and Seidl-Fox discussed Salzburg Global's culture and arts programs and the need to promote capacity-building in the MENA region. 

“Most participants agreed that we need to harness the transformative power of the arts to bring about change and that we have to engage cross-sectorally in order to achieve progress,” she said.

Seidl-Fox also travelled to Gwangju, Korea, where the discussion of culture continued at the Asia-Europe Foundation’s conference "Cities: Labs for Culture?" Seidl-Fox moderated a panel focusing on leadership in the cultural sector, particularly next generation leaders. The program director also met with creatives and cultural leaders in Seoul at the World Culture Open, a network which invites people to engage in intercultural exchange and collaboration.

The Seoul visit also saw the gathering of Young Cultural Innovator (YCI) Fellows from the local hub. Six Fellows from the past two years joined Seidl-Fox and In Dong Cho, Vice-Mayor of Seoul and head of the Innovation Department and recent faculty member at YCI, for a traditional Korean dinner.

During the YCI Forum this year, Stephen Salyer, Salzburg Global President and Chief Executive Officer, visited Singapore for another youth initiative. Salyer attended the first International Liberal Education Symposium on October 11 at the inauguration of the Yale-NUS College, a conference which encouraged dialogue about education in an increasingly interconnected world. 

To find out when Salzburg Global's staff might be in your city and to host a Fellowship gathering, please contact Salzburg Global Fellowship Manager, Jan Heinecke.