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Feb 18, 2016
by Patrick Wilson
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Salzburg Around the World - Cambodia

Salzburg Global Program Director travels to Cambodia as part of Salzburg Global's growing outreach in the Mekong region Susanna Seidl-Fox, Program Director of Culture and the Arts in a session at ANCER 2016

Susanna Seidl-Fox, Salzburg Global Program Director of Culture and the Arts traveled to Cambodia in January to attend the third conference of the Asia-Pacific Network for Cultural Education & Research (ANCER).

ANCER was originally conceived as an organization dedicated to preserving Cambodia’s traditional art forms but has now evolved into creating a vibrant, dynamic and sustainable art sectors throughout the country.

The three-day event featured keynotes and sessions related to networking and on the tools and platforms that can support the research and practice in arts and cultural management and cultural policy fields in the Asia-Pacific region. Workshops were also included to stimulate career choices and networking such as careers in arts management.

The theme of this year’s conference was “Vitality & Viability: Arts Ecosystems in Asia” 

The event was organized by one of the partners of the Salzburg Global Forum for Young Cultural Innovators, Cambodia Living Arts. The organization aims to facilitate the transformation of Cambodia through the arts and work in collaboration with others to create an environment where Cambodian arts empower and transform individuals and communities.

ANCER 2016 marked the formal launch of the Greater Mekong Subregion Hub for Cultural Changemakers, an initiative in partnership with Salzburg Global Seminar based in Phnom Penh that seeks to connect young cultural leaders from around the region.

This partnership is part of Salzburg Global’s continued transboundary collaboration with organizations and events on a global scale.

In 2014, Salzburg Global Seminar launched a 10-year program to make a global network of 500 Young Cultural Innovators. These would be people using arts, culture and creativity for social improvement and sustainable economic development. This network will be built up via 10 regional hubs and connected through an annual Forum in Salzburg, Austria. There are existing hubs in Athens, Baltimore, Seoul, South Africa and Tokyo. Cambodian Living Arts is leading the development of a hub from Phnom Penh.

Seidl-Fox praised the event and discussed what she and Salzburg Global have taken back from the experience. “It was inspiring to participate in the ANCER conference on Arts Ecosystems in Asia and connect with a dynamic network of cultural researchers and practitioners focusing on the Asia Pacific Region.” She said. “We received some extremely helpful feedback and advice on the Greater Mekong Delta Young Cultural Innovators Hub that we are developing in partnership with Cambodia Living Arts.”

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