Rihab Elhaj - “Very Few Things Were Done Right Initially”




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Nov 12, 2013
by Oscar Tollast
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Rihab Elhaj - “Very Few Things Were Done Right Initially”

New Libya Foundation president speaks to Salzburg Global about Libya’s transition process Ms Elhaj sitting in on a panel discussion during the workshop

The president of the New Libya Foundation (NLF) has suggested the initial transition process in Libya has led to chaos and dissatisfaction.

Rihab Elhaj, an executive and leadership coach by trade, was speaking to Salzburg Global whilst attending a session co-organized by the Arab Human Rights Fund: ‘Getting Transition Right: A Rights-based Approach towards Diversity and Inclusivity.’

In our latest podcast, Ms Elhaj suggests whilst the political will for human rights exist today, Libya lacks political mechanisms for implementation.

She advocates for a rule of law to be enacted to improve the situation, which can come through greater security and better access to education.

In addition to this, she reflects on the work of the New Libya Foundation (NLF) and the lecture she gave to participants during the workshop.

On February 10 2011, Ms Elhaj co-administered the Facebook page, ‘Time for a New Libya’, calling for support of the February 17 Libyan revolution.

A week later, she incorporated and co-founded the NLF. She leads in building Libya’s brand new civil society through incubator centers which act as office space, and training facilities for over 100 of Libya’s most active civil society organizations in Tripoli and Misurata.

In 2006, Ms Elhaj was nominated by the United Nations as the youth delegate to Libya for the Millennium Development Goals.

This experience resulted in a professional commitment to regional development, and Libyan civil society capacity-building.