Restoring the Publicā€™s Trust - Day Three - Priorities for Action




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Sep 25, 2013
by Oscar Tollast
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Restoring the Publicā€™s Trust - Day Three - Priorities for Action

Participants gather for final day of session to present ideas Participants of 'Restoring the Public's Trust: Delivering on Public Policy Goals'

The Volcker Alliance and Salzburg Global session on ā€˜Restoring the Publicā€™s Trust: Delivering on Public Policy Goalsā€™ came to a close on Tuesday evening.

The session concluded with an open discussion on priorities for initial action and foundation building, chaired by Paul Volcker.

Participants had gathered earlier in the day to further discuss topics that had been raised during the previous session.

They split up into groups to examine a number of issues as potential target areas for action.

These included: Corruption, Infrastructure, Public-Private Partnership, Personnel, Government Efficiency and Organization, Public Interactions with Government, Technology, Financial Regulation, State Finance, Performance Measurement and Management, and Policy Implementation.

Prior to this, Leonard McCarthy, Integrity Vice President at World Bank, had given the group a speech on the effects of corruption on public trust in government.

During the afternoon session, the participants explored a few areas further (technology, public-private partnerships, education and training) to understand if and how attention to these issues by The Volcker Alliance could help restore trust in public policy and government effectiveness.

With regard to technology, it was suggested that The Volcker Alliance could help make the case that technology innovations in government can be very valuable, more rigorously assess the impact of technology projects, scale (promote adoption of) technologies demonstrated to work, and support training programs.

Ideas also included help with specially tailored government agency apps to web services.

On the topic of private-public partnerships, two categories were discussed, public-private partnerships focused on infrastructure and those focused on building business and civil engagement to tackle other local needs, such as public school improvement.

There was discussion about the role The Volcker Alliance might productively play in this area.

The Volcker Alliance was encouraged to become an ā€œaction-tankā€ as opposed to a think tank.

Mr Volcker and Shelley Metzenbaum, founding president of The Volcker Alliance, thanked everyone who had contributed ideas and taken part over the course of the session.

They both felt that the weekend had proven very helpful in identifying pressing areas of need and the kinds of projects likely to be valuable.

They also felt that it had helped strengthen the ability of The Volcker Alliance to work in alliance with others to improve the effectiveness of public policy execution.