Reflecting on the Past Year and How We Move Forward Together




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May 14, 2021
by Salzburg Global Seminar
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Reflecting on the Past Year and How We Move Forward Together

We reveal our plans for 2021 and how supporters can help us fulfill our mission Salzburg Global Fellows taking part in the 2020 program of the Cultural Innovators Forum posing for a less traditional group photo

Salzburg Global Seminar has made significant improvements to its work while overcoming the challenges of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This pandemic prevented in-person programs and events for the first time in our 74-year history, but we made radical changes to ensure we fulfill our mission.

Our online programs throughout 2020 expanded our capacity to collaborate with Fellows worldwide while still sharing some of Schloss Leopoldskron’s magic. The Schloss itself has undergone renovations to better meet the needs of our guests once in-person meetings return. In the face of disruption, we have made progress. It’s your support that has made this possible, and we want to go further.

Addressing the Challenges of Today and Tomorrow

Over the next few months, we will run 20 programs across six significant work areas, adopting a hybrid approach that includes more than 150 online meetings and workshops. Salzburg Global is focusing on the challenges of today and tomorrow. Here is what you can expect in 2021:

  • The Education Policymakers Network, held in partnership with The Lego Foundation, Diplomatic Courier, Microsoft, Qatar Foundation International, and ETS, will engage reform-minded education policymakers from over 20 target countries. This new program supports global education reform around developing social, emotional, and creative skills alongside cognitive and physical skills in young and school-aged learners.
  • The Humanizing Power of the Arts, a multi-part program of our Culture, Arts, and Society series is exploring the potential for rebuilding societies via the intersections between the arts and culture sector and four interrelated issues: climate, health, education, and justice.
  • Our Global Innovations on Youth Violence, Safety, and Justice Initiative will continue to help Fellows identify and spearhead the most promising global examples of violence reduction and criminal justice transformation, addressing themes ranging from data science to public health.
  • Emerging Urban Leaders, our new network of changemakers managed in partnership with World Urban Parks, will continue to meet online and implement innovative, practical interventions to tackle the problems facing urban environments and help build the quality cities of the future.
  • Members of Sciana: The Health Leaders Network will meet regularly throughout the year to discuss leadership and systems change in response to the pandemic and other global health challenges.   
  • Financial Services and New Geopolitics of the Post-Pandemic Era: What is the Bold Vision?, a two-day program the Salzburg Global Finance Forum, will tackle the geopolitical and market issues facing the financial services industry.
  • Our Cultural Innovators Forum will convene over 10 days in October and add new Fellows to a network of creative changemakers worldwide. Expect online discussions and innovative workshops focusing on personal and professional capacity-building in the creative sector.
  • The President, the Press and the People, part of our American Studies Program, will continue its series on the future of democracy to explore the roles and relationships between the executive branch in the US, the international media, and citizens of global democracy in a series of virtual town hall events throughout the year. These events will build toward an in-person event in July 2022 at Schloss Leopoldskron to commemorate the 75th anniversary of both Salzburg Global Seminar and the launching of the American Studies program.

Read our 2021 full calendar here.

Protect Salzburg Global Seminar’s Future

We are optimistic about the opportunities ahead, but the pandemic’s financial impact has deeply affected us. The ongoing burden of local lockdowns, international travel restrictions, and the financial challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic will likely continue for some time. Your support is a critical component of our ability to turn the corner on this season of disruption.

Please show your support for Salzburg Global Seminar and the ideas, collaborations, and people leading the international community out of this global crisis by making a gift of any size.

Our programs have served as a launchpad for global progress for nearly 75 years, and your donation ensures we can continue our mission to challenge current and future leaders to shape a better world for years to come.

Thank you!

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