Leandro Olocco - “We Can Give Back Our Perspective”




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Oct 24, 2013
by Oscar Tollast
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Leandro Olocco - “We Can Give Back Our Perspective”

Young Cultural Leaders Fellow returns to Salzburg Global for strategy session Leandro Olocco sitting in on a brainstorming session

Leandro Olocco’s enthusiasm for Salzburg Global is boundless. Standing on the terrace of the President’s Office, the 2012 Young Cultural Leaders Forum Fellow’s smile appears permanent.

“I can’t refuse an invitation to live in a palace,” he jokes, before revealing how his decision to return to Schloss Leopoldskron was influenced by the prospect of taking part in a think-tank to devise a new program for the Seminar.

Mr Olocco joined 26 other participants for a strategy session entitled, ‘Promoting the Next Generation of Cultural Entrepreneurship: Planning for Success’.

A number of other Fellows from the 2012 Young Cultural Leaders Forum were present to help assess components of a new 10-year program to evolve from the Forum.

“It’s very important because we can give back our perspective from our experience and that’s going to be taken. Hopefully this will happen every year.

“It’s going to get better, better and better. Being able to give back from all that I have learned in the last year, I think is kind of a duty.”

Mr Olocco describes himself in the “growing stage” of his career, working as part of the general management of the Theater Complex of Buenos Aires.

Hailing from a family of artistic producers, he has worked on the production of numerous festivals and concerts by international festivals.

Participants spent much of this year’s strategy session brainstorming ideas for what the new program should represent, teach and provide.

Discussions centered on strengths and weaknesses of the 2012 Young Cultural Leaders Forum and how to define what a cultural entrepreneur was.

“There’s a strict definition that says an entrepreneur is someone who achieves their goals no matter [of] the resources. They can go through all of the conflict and mountains but they climb them.

“I see myself as a cultural entrepreneur, not only because of my work with the institution but also because of different side projects that I’m working on.”

Mr Olocco has developed projects to create cultural centers and served on the technical production team of the Central Cultural España Córdoba.

He describes receiving last year’s invitation to the Young Cultural Leaders Forum as an honour.“

It was a privilege to be asked to participate with a lot of young, talented people from all over the world from who I could learn a lot [from] and – hopefully – they could learn something from me.”

He credits the learning process as his biggest takeaway from the session, influencing his work process thereafter.

“It’s already changed the way I feel in my work, the way I approach my daily work. It’s changed my perspective of the world.

“Now I know I can count on other people in similar positions and situations to get a network of knowledge where I can ask questions, get answers and give answers. You have a back-up.

"Through networking at the Seminar, Mr Olocco has met several theater and festival directors and is hopeful of collaborating in the future. He’s also keen to continue his relationship with Salzburg Global in the near future.

“It’s been a long-term relationship not only with the institution itself but also with the other Fellows. I use a lot of the contacts that I’ve made.

“I’ve gotten a chance to use it and it’s created a bond between us. It’s getting stronger, and so in the future it will be better.”