Korea Foundation Fellows and Interns Reunited




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Mar 09, 2015
by Stuart Milne
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Korea Foundation Fellows and Interns Reunited

Salzburg Global Seminar President meets former Korea Foundation interns and Fellows during Seoul visit Korea Foundation Executive Vice President Yoon Keum-Jin hosts a dinner for former Fellows and interns

On March 2, Salzburg Global Seminar President & CEO Stephen Salyer met with former Salzburg Global Fellows and interns at a dinner hosted by the Korea Foundation in Seoul as part of his business trip to Japan and South Korea.

Sang-O Kim, Haeyon Chung, Hyunjee Lee and Yae Jung Joo were the first participants of a new internship scheme by the Korea Foundation to send talented young South Koreans to hone their professional skills at the home of Salzburg Global Seminar in Salzburg, Austria.

The four graduates selected for the inaugural Korea Foundation Salzburg Global Seminar International Internship program in 2014 won their places following stiff competition, with hundreds of young Korean leaders applying.

For more than 20 years, Salzburg Global Seminar has offered internships to passionate and highly motivated graduates, providing them with the chance to deepen their knowledge and broadening their networks and future employment horizons, with Kim, Chung, Lee and Joo the first to be appopinted from Korea.

As part of an international team, together with interns from Europe and the US, the KF-SGS Interns conducted topical and institutional research; wrote analytic memos and concise program briefs; prepared program materials; located relevant resources, books and articles; researched potential participants; and generally assisted Salzburg Global’s full-time program staff in program preparations and coordination, and implementation of follow up programs.

Since 2011, the Korea Foundation has aspired to foster Korea’s next-generation global leaders through its own Global Internship program. Since 2012, the Korea Foundation has so far sponsored some 30 “next-generation global leaders” to travel to Austria for Salzburg Global Seminar programs, including nine in 2014. Several of these Salzburg Global Fellows were also reunited at the dinner.

Salzburg Global Seminar is deeply grateful to the Korea Foundation for hosting the event, and for its dedicated ongoing support of Salzburg Global Fellows and interns. All Salzburg Global staff are very much looking forward to welcoming the next generation of Korea Foundation interns when they arrive in Austria later this year.

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