India’s Role in a Globalized World - New Priorities and Expanded Horizons




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Mar 30, 2015
by Louise Hallman
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India’s Role in a Globalized World - New Priorities and Expanded Horizons

Salzburg Global Vice President meets Fellows on her first outreach trip to India Salzburg Global VP & CPO Clare Shine with Fellows in Mumbai

Salzburg Global Vice President and Chief Program Officer Clare Shine was hosted on Friday, March 27 at an Salzburg Global Fellowship event as part of her first outreach trip to India.

Shine, who is traveling in India and the Gulf region, met with several India-based Salzburg Global Fellows at the reception and debate held at the head office of Mahindra & Mahindra in Mumbai, India by Salzburg Global Fellow Bharat Doshi, former Executive Director & Group CFO, now Non-Executive Director, Chair of Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services, and Chair of Mahindra Intertrade.

The event – India’s Role in a Globalized World: New Priorities and Expanded Horizons – covered such issues as the unsustainability of the current economic system and the level of inequality, and the resulting impact on communities and society-at-large; the role both India and neighboring China will play in the radical innovations to be applied to urbanization and natural resource policies; the importance of SMEs and micro-finance as engines for growth; and the need for better governance and connected leadership, especially with regards to strategies for extreme poverty and the availability of health care.

A regular contributor to the annual giving campaign to support future Fellows, host of the event Bharat Doshi had previously been a participant of session 384 in 2000 on Asian Economies: Regional and Global Relationships

Although Shine had traveled to India before, this was her first trip in her capacity as Salzburg Global Vice President and Chief Program Officer, a role she took over from Edward Mortimer (now Senior Advisor to Salzburg Global Seminar) in January 2012. In addition to the Mumbai Fellowship event, her travels will also include meeting with Fellows and regional partners in Mumbai and New Delhi in India, before traveling on to the Gulf region to meet with Fellows and partner institutions in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah in the UAE.

If you would like to enquire about hosting a Salzburg Global Fellowship in your city, either as part of Salzburg Global Seminar staff travel and outreach or independently, please contact Salzburg Global Fellowship Manager Jan Heinecke via email jheinecke[at]