Indian Author Sets New Novel at Schloss Leopoldskron




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Oct 09, 2014
by Jonathan Elbaz
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Indian Author Sets New Novel at Schloss Leopoldskron

Manjiri Prabhu says she's "very keen on taking the Schloss to the world." Manjiri Prabhu writing outside the MeierhofFor 10 days, Indian author Dr. Manjiri Prabhu is staying at Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron on a working vacation. She's in Salzburg to do research on the property and to continue writing her new novel, which takes place primarily in Salzburg and incorporates much of the Schloss' fascinating history.She wouldn't reveal many plot details during her interview with Salzburg Global, but she did promise that the palace will play a major role.Prabhu is a Salzburg Global Fellow, attending the 2002 session, "From Page to Screen: Adapting Literature to Film." At the session, she met biographer Scott Eyeman, who was able to connect her to an agent and eventually to an American publisher.In an interview recorded on top of the Untersberg, Prabhu talks about her experience in Salzburg, the rough premise of her new novel, deciding to become a writer, and viewing creativity as a divine process. Listen below.