“Inclusion Is Making Diversity Work”




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Mar 27, 2014
by Louise Hallman
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“Inclusion Is Making Diversity Work”

Fellows return to Salzburg to continue their work on Getting Transition Right Fellows of session 508 "Getting Transition Right" discuss the situations in their home countries

“Diversity is what we have. Inclusion is making diversity work,” so said one Salzburg Global Fellow last year. The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region has long since been more than just “Arab” or “Muslim” (despite the oft-made assumption by many outside of the region); and since the revolutions of 2011, opportunities have now arisen to make these diverse societies more inclusive. But how?  

That was the question that faced over 40 civil society activists, academics, donors and budding politicians who came together in Salzburg, Austria last November for the session “Getting Transition Right: A Rights-based Approach to Diversity and Inclusion.” Over the course of five days, they took the opportunity to retreat from the hectic work in post-revolution Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Yemen, and to take stock and formulate plans of how to make their countries more inclusive and accepting of their long-established diverse communities.  

This week, a dozen of this original cohort, plus a number of experts who were unable to join the original program, meet again at Schloss Leopoldskron to continue structuring their plans to create and build support across civil society for policy recommendations and related measures that demonstrate respect for diversity and foster inclusion.  

The two-day program will review and refresh their project goals, agree key objectives for each of the four countries’ projects, and set realistic steps and outputs. Their work will then be further continued through online and in-country work with the wider cohort. 

Interviews, reviews and the summary report from Session 508 are available on the session page: www.salzburgglobal.org/go/508 Discussions can be followed on Twitter #SGSmena.