Hot Topic - Young Cultural Innovators Discuss How They Have Been Expanding Collaborations




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Oct 22, 2018
by Anna Rawe
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Hot Topic - Young Cultural Innovators Discuss How They Have Been Expanding Collaborations

Young Cultural Innovators discuss how they have been expanding collaborations within their work Young Cultural Innovators discuss how they have been expanding collaborations within their work

A select number of Fellows at the fifth program of the Salzburg Global Forum for Young Cultural Innovators were asked: How have you expanded collaboration in your own work? We have published their answers below.

“[At our magazine Conventillo Babel] we try to help migrants to preserve their roots and be part of society. So, the main [way we are collaborating] is showing all the activities they are doing in their society and supporting them in different ways. Sometimes we go and have some Spanish classes with them, we practice with them, just informal conversations. We show the activities they are going to do or have done sometimes. We are a channel to advertise what they are doing – presentations or performances or anything they are doing. The way is to keep in touch with them to enrich the local culture. Many times people from Argentina, from Buenos Aires… don’t realize that our culture is made by a mixture of contributions. [Conventillo Babel] is a win-win project, enriching local culture and letting immigrants and their descendants preserve their culture and be part of the society. [It] embodies the ideals of tolerance, building a better society there in Buenos Aires City…”

Gabriel Costa, Buenos Aires

Journalist and director of Conventillo Babel

“In terms collaborating with community, I’ve done a lot of public outreach to civic institutions like schools, community centers, youth centers, senior homes, different kinds of programs like that to collaborate… to make artistic projects. Typically, I’ve worked with non-actors, kind of with everyday people who are interested in working on an interesting artistic project… in terms of work how… I find people to collaborate with… I think that’s kind of a question I’m asking myself. Part of what’s really valuable for me being here is I think I feel very isolated in Canada because it’s a very big country, and there’s not a lot of practitioners across the country doing really socially engaged work. We don’t have a huge population, and I live in a very isolated community now. So… how do I do that? I don’t have the answer yet but I think this is a really valuable experience… and something I really need to make a conscious effort to do more of and to attend more kind of conferences and events where you can meet people doing similar work.”

Jenna Winter, Canada

General Manager of Gwaandak Theatre and managing producer of Nakai Theatre

“I work in the fields of museums, which is [a] field I’m really really keen [about], and I’ve been in the field for almost five years now. What I like about my job, apart from the fact I’m in charge of the communication, setting up exhibitions etc., is basically the educational program. I think this one of the most important investments a museum can make. I see that relating to other participants who have their educational organizations or are in charge of educational events, so I think this will be one of the most commons fields which I can collaborate with other participants in setting up some common [educational projects during] where we could share our initiatives or our ideas which can then be integrated into various activities which can come from this.”

Tereza Çuni, Tirana

Head of communication and promotion at Marubi National Museum of Photography

The Salzburg Global Forum for Young Cultural Innovators V is part of a ten-year multi-year series. This year's program is supported by the Albanian-American Development Foundation, American Express, Arts Council Malta, Arts Council Korea, Asia-Europe Foundation,  Bush Foundation, Cambodian Living Arts, Canada Council for the Arts, Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy, Foundation Adelman pour l’Education, Fulbright Greece, Japan Foundation, Korea Foundation, the Llewellyn Thompson Memorial Fellowship, Robert Bosch Stiftung, The Kresge Foundation, Lloyd A. Fry Foundation, The McKnight Foundation, The Nippon Foundation, World Culture Open, Adena and David Testa, and the U.S. Embassy Valetta, Malta. More information on the program can be found here. More information on the series can be found here. You can follow all the discussions on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram by using the hashtag #SGSyci.