Grants Awarded to Innovative Arts and Sustainability Projects




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Apr 25, 2016
by Salzburg Global Staff
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Grants Awarded to Innovative Arts and Sustainability Projects

David Rockefeller Fund awards grants to innovative projects coming out of session Beyond Green Winners of the "particle accelerator" grants (clockwise from top left) Roesch, Flörkemeier, Intrachooto and Toutikian

Salzburg Global Seminar in collaboration with the David Rockefeller Fund has granted “particle accelerator grants” to two projects borne of connections made at Session 561 | Beyond Green The Arts as a Catalyst for Sustainability.

The spirit of collaboration and innovation that characterized the gathering in Salzburg will be taken forward in the form of two projects emerging from the gathering, selected from twenty post-session project submissions. The projects are: “Creative Sustainability Workshops at Universities” to be implemented by Anaïs Roesch and Torben Flörkemeier, and “Beirut Design Week meets Scrap Lab” to be implemented by Doreen Toutikian and Singh Intrachooto.

The “Creative Sustainability Workshops at Universities” project aims to create a pan-European network of young professionals to develop and facilitate workshops at the art-culture-sustainability interface.  The target groups of these workshops are students in art schools, graduate programs focused on sustainability, and cultural management programs. The “particle accelerator” grant will go towards a preparatory workshop in July 2016 organized by Roesch and Flörkemeier that will bring ten artists, cultural managers, and sustainability scholars together to build a network and design an interactive one-day workshop that can be implemented over the course of the following year in university settings across Europe. 

The “Beirut Design Week meets Scrap Lab” project will support the participation of Intrachooto - Founder of Scrap Lab and Head of the Creative Center for Eco-Design - in the Beirut Design Week in May 2016, which is organized by MENA Design Research Center, of which Toutikian is the director. The grant will also enable Intrachooto to conduct a workshop with youth groups, architecture students, and design professionals to develop sustainable and recycled materials for larger scale projects in Lebanon. While in Beirut, Intrachooto will map existing infrastructure and help guide the development of strategic sustainable projects that focus on the needs of the Lebanese waste crisis.

"Salzburg Global is delighted to facilitate these two projects as immediate outcomes from the Beyond Green session," said Salzburg Global Program Director Susanna Seidl-Fox. "We also looks forward to continue collaborating with all session participants and the Arts and Sustainability network that has emerged from the gathering in Salzburg."  

The Salzburg Global session Beyond Green: The Arts as a Catalyst for Sustainability is part of Salzburg Global’s long-running Culture and the Arts series. The session is supported by the Edward T. Cone Foundation, the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, the Bush Foundationthe David Rockefeller Fund and Red Bull Amaphiko. More information on the session can be found here: