Former Resident Director Tim Ryback Publishes New Book




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Oct 31, 2014
by Jonathan Elbaz
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Former Resident Director Tim Ryback Publishes New Book

Hitler's First Victims: The Quest For Justice is available now Tim Ryback gives a tour around Obersalzberg to Salzburg Global Fellows

Timothy Ryback, the former resident director for Salzburg Global, just published a new book about the first victims of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime. It's called Hitler's First Victims: The Quest For Justice, and it's currently available to purchase on Amazon.

The book follows the courageous German prosecutor, Josef Hartinger, who risked everything to expose the first killers in the Holocaust. The book description explains, "Hitler’s First Victims exposes the chaos and fragility of the Nazis’ early grip on power and dramatically suggests how different history could have been had other Germans followed Hartinger’s example of personal courage in that time of collective human failure."

Meanwhile, read reviews of the new book by the Wall Street Journal and the Boston Globe.