Fellow Recommendations: Spark Conversations to Protect People’s Future Well-Being




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Sep 17, 2019
by Salzburg Global Seminar
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Fellow Recommendations: Spark Conversations to Protect People’s Future Well-Being

Salzburg Global Fellows launch project insisting more needs to be done than just describing the problem Photo by Helloquence on Unsplash

This Fellow Recommendation was drafted and produced by participants of the Salzburg Global Seminar program, Bridging Worlds: How Can We Use Business and Economic Development Strategies to Support Better Health? These Fellows include Cat Tully, Jennifer Wallace, Vibeke Koushede, Hiroko Nishimoto, Jo Nurse, and Scott Ratzan.

As Salzburg Global Fellows, we were struck by our shared view that we needed to go further than describing the problem. We want to use our networks, our organizations, and our enthusiasm to generate conversations about the future. We hope that by doing so, those who participate will realize that they have a stake in the future and that they already have the power to act in ways that protect the future health and well-being of people and planet.

Letter writing campaign

Our project proposal is very simple. We want people from across the globe to write letters to, or from, their grandchildren’s grandchildren living in 2200 (180 years from the project launch date of 2020). We want people to think past the current timescales on climate emergency, and the mental health and well-being crisis we are currently facing and imagine the future that they hope (or fear) for future generations. Our grandchildren’s grandchildren is a time period that is both distant and relatively close.
We want the project to spark conversations, and we will publish the letters online and in a book. But we also want to use the information in the letters to analyze what people are worried about now and in the future, and what makes them hopeful, to give us an insight into our global well-being in 2020.
Our job, as Salzburg Global Fellows is firstly to plan and operationalize this idea and then to use our vast networks to encourage others to take part in the program. We are establishing a working group to design the program, secure funding, and oversee the next steps. If you want to join us, or you have any thoughts on how the program could work, please get in touch.


  • Michael Chang, Co-founder, Health and Wellbeing in Planning Network
  • Kabiraj Khanal, Lead Advisor, Health Policy and Planning, DFID/NHSSP, Ministry of Health and Population, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Patricio V. Márquez, Lead Public Health Specialist (ret.), Health, Nutrition and Population Global Practice, The World Bank Group, Washington D.C.
  • Nick Pahl, CEO, Society of Occupational Medicine
  • Carlo Irwin A. Panelo, Associate Professor, Department of Clinical Epidemiology, College of Medicine, University of the Philippines, Manila
  • Anna M. Shepherd, President of Regal Home Health

If you would like to endorse the above Fellow Recommendations, please email press@salzburgglobal with your name and affiliation.