Driving the Change: Global Talent Management for Effective Philanthropy




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Oct 29, 2018
by Louise Hallman
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Driving the Change: Global Talent Management for Effective Philanthropy

Report from Philanthropy and Social Investment series, offering recommendations on how to attract the “the best of the best” to the philathropic sector, is now online to download, read and share

The corporate sector puts great emphasis on hiring “the best of the best.” With the increasing importance of private philanthropy in the wake of public sector austerity and growing global challenges, how can we attract top talent to the philanthropy sector – one known for its altruism, not huge salaries?    

In a period of mistrust of our institutions, and crisis in our governance and corporate systems, the philanthropic sector is playing an important role in bridging divides, re-establishing trust, and addressing the need for a new civic imagination that is inclusive of all people in a globalized connected world.

While significant attention is paid to the financial resources at stake in philanthropy, less focus is given to the skills that make grantmaking for the public good possible. In philanthropies, human resources can often be viewed simply as an administration function responsible for payroll, benefits administration, and logistical aspects of recruitment. 

As the global philanthropic sector continues to expand, there will be a greater need for philanthropic institutions to recognize the importance of human resources in attracting, recruiting, and engaging talented staff who can help take their organizations forward.

In an effort to redress this imbalance and examine and highlight the importance of investing in human resources for philanthropy, Salzburg Global Seminar, together with partners, convened the program Driving the Change: Global Talent Management for Effective Philanthropy in September 2017.

The four-day program, supported by the Ford Foundation, The Hewlett Foundation, the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the ZeShan Foundation, brought together 30 human resources professionals and executive directors of foundations at Schloss Leopoldskron, home of Salzburg Global Seminar, to discuss the challenges surrounding talent management, and the practices which can be implemented to achieve better results.

The new report features discussion summaries, interviews with speakers and recommendations for the sector.

Read the full report from this session now online.

Driving the Change: Global Talent Management for Effective Philanthropy is part of the multi-year Salzburg Global Seminar series Philanthropy and Social Investment.