Deljana Iossifova - “There Is No Time to Spare”




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Nov 03, 2013
by Oscar Tollast
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Deljana Iossifova - “There Is No Time to Spare”

Architecture lecturer outlines main challenges involving sustainability and the city Ms Iossifova consults on EU-China relations around matters of sustainable urbanization

Deljana Iossifova, a participant at this year’s Salzburg Seminar American Studies Association 2013 symposium, has called for policymakers to address the issue of sustainability.In light of the symposium’s topic, ‘Sustainability and the City: America and the Urban World’, Ms Iossifova spoke to Salzburg Global about some of the priority areas of concern.

In our latest podcast, the lecturer at the Manchester Architecture Research Centre suggests managing coexistence and diverging lifestyles present two of the main challenges for cities in the future.

She also states that a consciousness of these particular issues needs to be developed, particularly when cities from all corners of the earth are at risk from climate change.

Ms Iossifova adds how the special atmosphere and range of opinions at the symposium led to fruitful discussions.Unlike other sessions, a manifesto wasn’t produced at the end of the symposium to outline a list of objectives to take forward.With that in mind, we ask Ms Iossifova what participants can take away from the symposium and how ideas generated can be implemented into their work.

This is the final episode in a series of podcasts stemming from the Salzburg Seminar American Studies Association 2013 symposium on ‘Sustainability and the City: America and the Urban World’. In our first episode, Professor Saskia Sassen, discusses the environmental challenges city face. In our second episode, Professor Richard Sennett calls for more work for local architects in cities.