Conflict Transformation Through Culture - Peace-Building and the Arts




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Aug 01, 2014
by Tanya Yilmaz
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Conflict Transformation Through Culture - Peace-Building and the Arts

Report on Conflict Transformation Through Culture now available online 532 Report is now online!

The report for our 2014 session on “Conflict Transformation Through Culture: Peace-building & the Arts” is now available online.

Bringing together 60 artists, activists, policymakers, educators, and cultural actors from 27 countries, the session aimed to consider the role of cultural institutions, from museums and art galleries to film studios, can play in post-conflict reconciliation and forgiveness.

The program was sponsored by the Edward T. Cone Foundation and the Robert Bosch Foundation and it is hoped that participants will foster a new attitude towards the way art presents itself as a catalyst for social impact and social change, particularly in its often underestimated role that the arts can play in peacebuilding strategies.

You can read about the session discussions in the report, below.

The session report is also available for download as a PDF:

Download Report