Building the Bridges to Untapped Talent




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Dec 11, 2015
by Heather Jaber
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Building the Bridges to Untapped Talent

To meet the new needs of an increasingly interdisciplinary and interconnected world, participants will gather to discuss new methods of education and the assessment of untapped skills The world no longer operates in isolated sectors — now, more than ever, education and employment are interdisciplinary in nature and call for new methods of assessing and developing skills. 41 participants will gather at Salzburg Global Seminar from December 12-17 to discuss these trends at Untapped Talent: Can Better Testing and Data Accelerate Creativity in Learning and Societies? Current systems of teaching and metrics are becoming increasingly inadequate in terms of assessing learning and skill-building. Now is the time to think in less static and more dynamic ways, not only to transform labor and employment, but to include those who are at risk of marginalization. “Humans are gifted with so many talents and our societies in the future demand that we unlock and acknowledge all those talents that are available,” said Program Director Paul Jensen, highlighting the need for a shift in thinking about skills, creativity, and talent.“The current ways of testing are simply not capturing the full picture,” he said. “The innovative use of data and development of new testing systems should support mapping and unlocking all human talents available!”The panels and presentations taking place over the week include discussions about global innovations on testing and data, including best practices and those that did not quite succeed. Other topics include the power of data and information to empower students, how the private, education, and government sectors will measure talent in the future, and cross-fertilization across sectors to develop new data and testing systems.Participants include leaders in policy, education, economy, the culture, arts, science, and data. Session Chair Michael Nettles is Senior Vice President of the Educational Testing Services (ETS), an organization that Salzburg Global continues collaboration with. Previous related sessions covered issues of childhood development and education, marginalized students, and education and social mobility gaps. Other collaborators include the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). The session is also held in association with the Royal Society of Arts (RSA).By the end of the session, the participants will create a Salzburg Statement and ETS policy note with recommendations for unlocking talents in individuals and across sectors.

The Salzburg Global program Untapped Talent: Can Better Testing and Data Accelerate Creativity in Learning and Societies? is being hosted in collaboration with the Educational Testing Service (ETS), the National Science Foundation, and the Inter-American Development Bank, and in association with the Royal Society of Arts (RSA). More information on the session can be found here:

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