Ann Elizabeth Mayer - "This Is Now a Very Legitimate Exercise"




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Nov 04, 2013
by Oscar Tollast
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Ann Elizabeth Mayer - "This Is Now a Very Legitimate Exercise"

Professor says talking about human rights in the Middle East has now become normal Dr Mayer provides a presentation as part of a session on international and regional legal frameworks

Dr Ann Elizabeth Mayer, an associate professor of legal studies and business ethics, has highlighted the positive shift in attitudes towards human rights in the Middle East.

The professor, who works at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, said that it was difficult to speak about human rights in the Middle East 30 years ago, but it has now become a “normal thing”.

In our latest podcast, she discusses the challenges facing diversity and inclusion in the region, the opportunities presented when drafting new constitutions, and how a trip to Sudan changed her attitudes and work towards human rights.

Dr Mayer also reveals what she plans to take away from the session to help further educate her students, including highlighting the direct experiences of the session’s participants.

She spoke to Salzburg Global during the session on ‘Getting Transition Right: A Rights-based Approach towards Diversity and Inclusivity’, held in cooperation with the Arab Human Rights Fund.

Dr Mayer spoke to participants on international human rights law in the context of the current transitions in the Middle East and North African region.

Her research areas include Islamic law in contemporary Middle Eastern and North African countries and international human rights law, with an emphasis on women’s international human rights.

The fifth edition of her book, Islam and Human Rights, was published in 2012.

She has conducted research on legal developments in countries ranging from Morocco to Pakistan, recently publishing an article on the problems facing post-revolutionary Libya.