Amal Basha - "I Am Fortunate to Be Here"




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Nov 15, 2013
by Oscar Tollast
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Amal Basha - "I Am Fortunate to Be Here"

Human rights activist delighted to return to Salzburg Global Ms Basha speaking during a workshop session

The Chairperson of the Sisters’ Arab Forum for Human Rights (SAF) has praised Salzburg Global for providing her the opportunity to hear new ideas.

Amal Basha, who also acts as an advisor for the Coalition for the International Criminal Court and for the Ministry of Human Rights in Yemen, was visiting to take part in the session: ‘Getting Transition Right: A Rights-based Approach towards Diversity & Inclusivity’.

Described as Yemen’s most prominent advocate for human rights, Ms Basha defends the rights of women, prisoners and refugees, and fights for more political freedoms.

In our latest podcast, she discusses the work provided by the Sisters’ Arab Forum for Human Rights, the challenges that have existed in Yemen during the transitional process and objectives for the future.

Ms Basha has previously served as program officer for the UNDP, and worked closely with the UN, the International Human Rights Law Group, and the International Committee of the Red Cross Delegation in Yemen.

In 2009, Ms Basha presented a comprehensive report on torture in Yemen to the United Nations.

Prior to this, Ms Basha was head of Section for Bilateral Relations and then for International Organizations at the Ministry of Economy, Supply and Trade in Yemen, before becoming the head of Section for Foreign Relations at the Ministry of Industry.

In 2003, Ms Basha attended an exploratory meeting as part of Salzburg Global's gender series.