Global Online Forum on LGBT* and Faith





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Mar 11, 2021
by Salzburg Global Seminar
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Global Online Forum on LGBT* and Faith

Report from the latest program of the Salzburg Global LGBT* Forum now available to read, download, and share

In 2020, the Salzburg Global LGBT* Forum launched a new initiative to address religion, cultural history, and LGBT inclusion (and exclusion). The Forum convened LGBT human rights defenders and cultural and religious leaders across faiths, geographies, and generations.

The Global Online Forum on LGBT* and Faith resulted in a blog series, public discussions, and online gatherings that have strengthened inclusive cooperation between religious and LGBT leaders and their communities.

Previously, the Forum held in-person events in countries such as Austria, Germany, Thailand, and Nepal. Last year's initiative was the first event that took place exclusively online.

New Fellows from 17 countries were able to engage with all Fellows of the Salzburg Global LGBT* Forum through a shared webspace, plus others outside of the network through weekly Facebook debates. Fellows created an environment rich with debate, collaboration, and mutual learning.

This new report aims to capture some of those discussions and share learnings with a broader audience.

These conversations are a roadmap for the continuing work on the "Faith is…?" initiative. This initiative builds on the experience gained in the Salzburg Global LGBT* Forum's "Family is…?" project, which explored the definition of family and the position of LGBT family members, including in their families of birth, families of choice, and families they raise.

"Faith is…?" adheres to freedom of religion as a principle that supports an individual or community's freedom to worship and practice their religion, the freedom to change one's religion, and the freedom not to practice a religion.

The report is now available to download, read and share:

Download the report as a PDF

The Salzburg Global Seminar program, Global Online Forum on LGBT* and Faith, is part of the annual Salzburg Global LGBT* Forum. The program was held in partnership with ILGA ASIA. The blog series was sponsored by the Archangel Michael Foundation and Germany's Federal Foreign Office. The Foreign Office also sponsored the online fellow gatherings. GIZ sponsored the public webinar.