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Young Cultural Innovators Win Major International Award

Salzburg Global  Fellows Robert Praxmarer and Thomas Layer-Wagner recognized with inaugural Olympics of Innovation Challenge Award

David Bray - What Are Five Concrete Steps Civil Societies Can Do Collectively To Govern Better Using Tech And Data?

In the latest installment of the Salzburg Questions for Law and Technology, director of the Atlantic Council GeoTech Center, David Bray, suggests five new pilot schemes to help move societies forward

Tashi Choedup: “My Faith Has Helped Me With My Queerness and My Queerness Helps Me in Making My Faith Inclusive”

Buddhist monastic shares their journey of forging a healthy relationship between their queerness and their faith

Catherine Brenner - How Do Non-Executive Directors Look to the Future Whilst Navigating Extreme Unpredictability?

In the latest installment of the Salzburg Questions for Corporate Governance series, company director Catherine Brenner explains why COVID-19 can't be an excuse to abandon traditional strategic planning processes

Brenda Rodriguez Alegre: As a Child I Would Pray to God “to Make Me a Woman One Day”

Academic, activist, choir soprano and expert on Filipino transgender history makes a passionate plea for Filipino queers to reemerge and be more visible and accepted in a religious society

Strengthening Early Childhood Education and Childcare Resources

Through her work with NEXT Memphis, Young Cultural Innovator Chloe Hakim-Moore aims to close opportunity gaps in early childhood education and childcare in Memphis

Saskia Wieringa: “All Religions Have Their Progressive, Human Rights-Oriented Sides”

Improving Access to Dementia Care Resources in Rural Communities

Salzburg Global Fellow Mary Pat Sullivan discusses her research and improving dementia care in remote and rural Canadian communities

Balancing Technological Advances and Data Privacy

Salzburg Global Fellow Maria Farrell discusses using technology for social good and maintaining data privacy in an interconnected world

Using Science Education to Shape a Better World

Through her work with the Smithsonian Science Education Center, Salzburg Global Fellow Carol O’Donnell aims to transform K-12 science education around the world
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