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Is Philanthropy Using Inequitable Practices to Achieve Equity?

Lindsay Hill, Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Raikes Foundation and Dwayne Proctor, Senior Adviser to the President, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation open the new series of Salzburg Questions

Feeling at Home

In July 2019, Mira Luce Hamdan traveled from Lebanon to Austria to attend the Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change. When they arrived, they rediscovered their passion for media – and set out on a new life path

Building Healthy Communities: What Is Yours To Do? 

Public health urbanist Nupur Chaudhury says that the time for building healthier communities is not after the pandemic but now

How Can Urban Planning Contribute to Building Health Equity?

Chair of the Salzburg Global program on Building Healthy, Equitable Communities: The Role of Inclusive Urban Development and Investment, Sharon Roerty writes for The BMJ on what can be done to make cities a more healthy place to live

Building Healthier Communities

Fellows of Salzburg Global programs on healthier and more equitable communities pen blog series for The BMJ

Confronting Power and Privilege for Inclusive, Equitable and Healthy Communities

Salzburg Global Fellows set out a call to interrogate power and analyze privilege to create and sustain healthy communities 

Young Cultural Innovator Builds New Relationships in Detroit

Christopher Yepez a.k.a. Sacramento Knoxx uses funding distributed by Salzburg Global to explore new methods of innovation and collaboration

From One Generation to the Next: Documenting the Oral Tradition in Food

Young Cultural Innovator Yu Nakamura brings Grandma's Recipes to Cajun community festival Cochon de Lait

Festivals in a Time of Pandemic: How are Leaders Responding to the Coronavirus Crisis?

Cultural institutions are in crisis. How can leaders in the cultural sector and their teams anticipate and respond to unpredictable situations? What can we learn from crises to catalyze future innovation? Tisa Ho, Executive Director of the Hong Kong Arts Festival shares her insights. 

“The Show Must Go On” Iranian Online Festival Created to Show the Resilience of Festivals

The coronavirus lockdown did not stop Sepehr Sharifzadeh from doing what he does best: bringing people together to celebrate the arts.
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