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“The Show Must Go On” Iranian Online Festival Created to Show the Resilience of Festivals

The coronavirus lockdown did not stop Sepehr Sharifzadeh from doing what he does best: bringing people together to celebrate the arts.

Salzburg Global Mourns the Death of Whitney MacMillan

Former Board Member and friend of Salzburg Global Seminar dies aged 90

Zoe Chun: Art Community - A Salon of This Generation

Salzburg Global Fellow Zoe Chun reflects on her experience at the sixth program of the Young Cultural Innovators Forum

Future Lawyers and Mentors Explore International Legal Challenges in Washington

Salzburg Cutler Fellows discuss how international law and legal systems can tackle challenges ranging from human rights to climate change and global economic issues

Don’t Be Scared, Get Prepared

As the world faces another possible pandemic, experts ask how can we find outbreaks faster?

Dottie Schindlinger - What Can Boards Do to Create Structure and Process Around Innovation?

Executive director at the Diligent Institute outlines four ways directors can cultivate innovation

Finding Common Ground through Cultural Innovation

YCI Canada fellows explore their commonalities and differences during a Haida Gwaii research-residency

Remembering Melinda Moore

Ending Pandemics present books to Salzburg Global in memory of public health expert Melinda Moore

Elevating the One Health Approach and Saving Lives

Veterinary pathologist Tracey S. McNamara on advocating for a species neutral approach

Bridging Divisions and Developing New Partnerships

Veterinarian Kachen Wongsathapornchai reflects on populations understanding One Health
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