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Salzburg Global Chronicle – President's Report 2017

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"Salzburg Global Seminar was born in the aftermath of a devastating war. The first session in summer 1947 sought to heal divisions among previous enemies and to imagine how a peaceful Europe might be built and sustained. Schloss Leopoldskron became the crossroads at which young Europeans with disparate loyalties and ideologies could search for common ground. Among them were former Austrian Luftwaffe officers, a young Czech Communist, and a Romanian Jew who had survived Auschwitz.

Over successive years, our Fellows drove government reforms in Eastern Europe, helped bring peace to Northern Ireland, and improved health care systems in Africa. What began as the Salzburg Seminar in American Studies expanded geographically and programmatically to become Salzburg Global Seminar.

Today, the international order is in flux. Political tension, cultural division, and economic disparity have fractured societies and reduced faith in the ability of local, national and global institutions to find solutions.

Just as in 1947, Salzburg Global Seminar continues to gather together remarkable people to bridge divides and tackle the most complex global challenges. These individuals join a global network of Salzburg Global Fellows and partner institutions driving transformative change across the world.

What happens in Salzburg has always mattered because of the insights and ideas the experience kindles in our Fellows and for what they make happen later on the ground. The going out of our gates is more important than the coming in.

This year's report offers examples of thoughtful, committed and courageous citizens – thinkers, innovators, organizers – who have leveraged their experience and relationships gained at Schloss Leopoldskron to make the world a better place. In this 70th Anniversary year, we salute the power of their ideas, the strength of their resolve and the impact of their lives."

Stephen L. Salyer
President & CEO, Salzburg Global Seminar