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The Salzburg Global Forum for Young Cultural Innovators (YCI) is an annual series of Salzburg Global Seminar that brings together fifty of the world's most talented young innovators from the culture and arts sector at Schloss Leopoldskron to help them develop the dynamic vision, entrepreneurial skills, and global networks needed to allow them, their organizations, their causes and their communities to thrive in new ways.

The artistic disciplines represented by the young innovators range from the visual and performing arts, literature, and cultural heritage, to foods, fashion, architecture, and design. The YCI Forum represents a major commitment by Salzburg Global Seminar to fostering creative innovation and entrepreneurship worldwide with the intention of building a more vibrant and resilient arts sector and of advancing sustainable economic development and positive social change agendas worldwide.

Session Report

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Selection Criteria

  • 25-35 years of age;
  • Proficiency in English;
  • At least 2-3 years of professional experience in the cultural sector;
  • Creativity in approach to work, openness to innovation and risk-taking, action-orientation, and demonstrated entrepreneurial practice;
  • Interest in creating social change and strengthening the position of the arts and cultural institutions within communities, demonstrated through an example of one project led or in planning;
  • Proclivity to communicate (social media savvy, etc.) and cooperate with others across sectors;
  • Passion, enthusiasm, and leadership potential – with recommendations confirming these qualities and/or external recognition of  accomplishment in this area: prize, award, citation;
  • Desire to become an active member of a global network and willingness to commit time, energy, and resources to sustaining such a network, both at the global and hub level.

Program Format

Forum components include the one-week annual program in Salzburg combining theory and praxis, with capacity building sessions focusing on: effective communication, entrepreneurial thinking, organizational management and new business models, risk-taking and innovation, and comparative styles of leadership.

Outstanding participants from previous years are invited back as facilitators/resource specialists at ensuing sessions to assure continuity, communication and exchange of best practice across the multi-year series.  The Forum assists the YCIs in creating “YCI hubs” on all continents to share the learning, foster a multiplier effect, and magnify the impact of the YCI network created in Salzburg at the community level.  The “YCI hubs” will convene mini-sessions, workshops and public events and become a local resource for emerging cultural innovators. 

Program Objectives

The goals of the YCI series are to:


  • Support a fragile and often under-resourced sector that is nevertheless a major driver of innovation, creativity, and change;
  • Create an innovative, world-class network of Young Cultural Innovators to drive and strengthen the arts sector worldwide over the next decade;
  • Build the capacity of a critical mass (500+) of networked young arts leaders committed to innovative leadership, entrepreneurial approaches, and exchange of best practices within and among “YCI hubs” worldwide;
  • Generate a multiplier effect on cultural organizations and networks around the world through the “YCI hubs” designed to share the learning from the Salzburg sessions and inspire innovation, collaboration, and peer mentoring at the local level;
  • Disseminate the Forum’s groundbreaking ideas to a broad community of stakeholders and build a creative network for continuing dialogue, collaboration and advocacy, through social media and catalyzed by the “YCI hubs.”

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Session Photos

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Calley Anderson
Playwright; formerly Inclusion Manager, Memphis Symphony Orchestra, Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Jermaine Bell
Programming Director, Exittheapple Artspace, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Kristina Borg
Visual Artist & Project Coordinator, Santa Venera, Malta
Chase Cantrell
Executive Director, Building Community Value, Detroit, Michigan, USA
Lu Chait
Educator, AulaVereda Villa 31, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Zeke Cohen
Councilperson and Chair of Education and Youth Committee, Baltimore City, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Atianna Cordova
Founder and CEO, WATER BLOCK, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Julia Di Bussolo
Executive Director, Arts Every Day, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Kleidi Eski
Founder and Creative Director, Light and Moving, Tirana, Albania
Sayde Finkel
Legislative and Public Policy Director, New Orleans City Council, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
David Fisslthaler
Designer, Thinker, Artist, Salzburg, Austria
Whitney Hardy
Founder, 3RDSPACE, Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Duc Minh Hoang
Youth Activist, Hanoi, Vietnam
Bledi Hoxha
Project Coordinator for Entrepreneurship, Albanian-American Development Foundation, Tirana, Albania
Sebastian Jackson
Founder & Co-Owner, The Social Club Grooming Company, Detroit, Michigan, USA
Wambui Kamiru Collymore
Director, The Art Space, Nairobi, Kenya
Linda Kaoma
Program Manager, Clowns Without Borders, Cape Town, South Africa
Yuki Kato
Musician, Artist, Creative Director; Producer, UQiYO, Tokyo, Japan
Fuyuko Mezawa
Dancer & Company Manager, Baobab Dance Company, Tokyo, Japan
Palesa Ngwenya
Development Coordinator, Maboneng Township Arts Experience, Cape Town, South Africa
Kibela Nasufi
Consultant for BID Berati, Albanian-American Development Foundation, Tirana, Albania
Ian Nunley
Project Manager, Innovate Memphis, Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Fari Nzinga
Independent curator, writer and educator, Ohio, USA
Chika Ogi
Specialist, Corporate and Project Planning, Shochiku Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan
Soo Chung Om
Founder and CEO, Space Seon, Republic of Korea
Yasmine Omari
Marketing & Education Outreach Coordinator, Germantown Performing Arts Centre, Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Julius Ooko
Rapper, Songwriter and Social Activist, Nairobi, Kenya
Ilir Parangoni
Coordinator of Cultural and Eco Tourism, Albanian-American Development Foundation, Tirana, Albania
Lala Pasquinelli
Founder, Mujeres que no fueron tapa (Women who were not on the cover), Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mariano Pozzi
Image and Sound Designer, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Dan Price
Co-Founder & Executive Director, Creative Works, Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Marco Pronovost
General Manager and Artistic Director, B21; Curator, Maison de la Photo de Montréal, Montréal, Québec, Canada
Marius Qytyku
Specialist of Cultural Heritage and Arts, Municipality of Berat, Berat, Albania
Lauren Rossi
Founder, Stellar Friend & Partner, Michigan, Detroit, USA
Simone Rudolph
Communications & Assistant to the Director, Salzburg Summer Academy of Fine Arts, Salzburg, Austria
Jung-Suk Ryu
Executive Director, Indefinite Arts Centre, Canmore, Alberta, Canada
Heidi Schmalbach
Executive Advisor/PhD Candidate, Arts Council New Orleans/Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Nene Senkitchanuluck
Director of IBosses; Co-Founder and Deputy Director, Bizmatch Co.,LTD, Vientiane, Lao People's Democratic Republic
Nikki Shaffeeullah
Artistic Director, The AMY Project, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Karah Shaffer
Executive Director, Facing Change: Documenting America, Detroit, Michigan, USA
Patrick Shannon
Owner, InnoNative, Skidegate, British Columbia, Canada
Alissa Shelton
Executive Director, Bank Suey/Brick + Beam Detroit, Detroit, Michigan, USA
Mari Sheppard
Managing Director, Junebug Productions, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Jessica Solomon
Senior Program Officer, Robert W. Deutsch Foundation, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Sinath Sous
Senior HR Manager, Phare Performing Social Enterprise, Siem Reap City, Cambodia
Elyse Tonna
Design Architect; Board Member, Malta Society of Arts, Naxxar, Malta
Violetta Tsitsiliani
Cultural Manager, The Language Project, Athens, Greece
Andrei Venal
Executive Creative Director, DAKILA Philippine Collective for Modern Heroism, Quezon City, Philippines
Maggie Villegas
Executive Director, Baltimore Creatives Acceleration Network, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Christian Winkler
Cultural Manager, Curator & Texter, Salzburg, Austria
Helen Yung
Artist-Researcher, Culture of Cities Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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Multi-Year Series


Salzburg Global Seminar’s long-running series on Culture, Arts and Societyfocuses on the transformative power of the arts within and across sectors, acilitates cultural exchange at multiple levels, and provides unique networking and capacitybuilding opportunities. Culture and the arts have had  a prominent place in Salzburg  Global Seminar’s programs since its beginnings as the Salzburg Seminar in American Studies in 1947. Today, through multi-year projects and strategic convenings, the Culture, Arts and Society series seeks to secure a more prominent role for the arts on policy agendas and to bring creative change-makers, influencers, and communities together to drive lasting change at scale. As part of our deep commitment to next-generation talent, we support the continuously evolving needs of the creative  sector as a major driver of sustainable economic development and social improvement, particularly through theSalzburg Global Forum for Young Cultural Innovators

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