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More than 80 percent of Americans – and more than 80 percent of Americans with low incomes – live in metropolitan areas. This puts cities on the frontline of the most pressing challenges and inequalities within American society. Baltimore, Detroit, Memphis, and New Orleans are all contending with social inequality, weak public education systems, high unemployment levels, economic disparities, and a general lack of public support for the cultural sector. Imaginative solutions are being led by young cultural innovators who are demonstrating the creative vision and energy needed for social improvement and sustainable development in their communities. 

The fourth US regional meeting of the Salzburg Global Forum for Young Cultural Innovators follows on from the annual program held in Salzburg and events in Memphis (2019), New Orleans (2018), and Detroit (2017), supported by The Kresge Foundation.

By invitation only


Nic Aziz
Curator, New Orleans Museum of Art/Prospect, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
David Baker
Associate Editor, The Louisiana Weekly, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Samuel Bowler
CEO, Culturalyst, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Burton Bridges
Associate Director of Field Development, ALSAC/St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Chase Cantrell
Executive Director, Building Community Value, Detroit, Michigan, USA
Atianna Cordova
Founder and CEO, WATER BLOCK, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Jose Cotto
Collaborative Design Project Manager, The Albert and Tina Small Center for Collaborative Design, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Shelley Danner
Program Director, Challenge Detroit, Detroit, Michigan, USA
James Dukes
CEO, Unapologetic LLC, Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Sayde Finkel
Legislative and Public Policy Director, New Orleans City Council, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Steve Fox
Founder, The Story Agents, Memphis Tennessee, USA
Julien Godman
Contributing Writer, The Metropolitan, Detroit, USA
Whitney Hardy
Founder, 3RDSPACE, Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Melvin Henley
Organizational Development Consultant, Nonprofit Enterprise at Work (NEW), Detroit, Michigan, USA
Victoria Jones
Executive Director, The CLTV (Collective), Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Lauren Kennedy
Executive Director, UrbanArt Commission, Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Rachel Knox
Program Officer - Thriving Arts and Culture, Hyde Family Foundation, Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Knoxx Yepez
Director, The Aadizookaan, Detroit, Michigan, USA
Fari Nzinga
Postdoctoral Curatorial Fellow, Kalamazoo Institute of Arts, Detroit, Michigan, USA
Charly Pierre
Head Chef and Co-Owner, Fritai, New Orleans, USA
Dan Price
Principal, Baby Grand, Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Lauren Rossi
Artist Initiatives Manager, rootoftwo, Detroit, Michigan, USA
Heidi Schmalbach
Executive Advisor/PhD Candidate, Arts Council New Orleans/Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Karah Shaffer
Executive Director, Facing Change: Documenting America, Detroit, Michigan, USA
Alissa Shelton
Executive Director, Bank Suey/Brick + Beam Detroit, Detroit, Michigan, USA
Mari Sheppard
Managing Director, Junebug Productions, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Alphonse Smith
Executive Director, Arts Council New Orleans, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Elena Stoeva
Marketing and PR Manager, Galler Foods, Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Ms. Bucky Willis
Design Consultant, Bleeding Heart Design, Detroit, Michigan, USA