Fellows by Region



Donghee Cho

Founder, Well Done Project, Seoul, Republic of Korea

In Dong Cho

Director General, Seoul Innovation Department, Seoul, Korea

Akio Hayashi

Managing Director, inVisible, Tokyo, Japan

Sadayuki Higuchi

Independent Arts Administrator, Arts NPO Link, Kyoto, Japan

Dara Huot

Chief Executive, Phare Performing Social Enterprise, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Misaki Iwai

Event and Collaboration Manager, Impact HUB Tokyo, Japan

YeiBeech Jang

Assistant Professor, Ajou University, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Miku Kano

Member, ISHINOMAKI 2.0, Ishinomaki, Japan

Yuki Kato

Musician, Artist, Creative Director; Producer, UQiYO, Tokyo, Japan

Toshimasa Kawai

COO, Fabcafe LLP, Tokyo, Japan

Hyun KIM

Assistant Programme Specialist, Publication and Public Relations Team, Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding under the auspices of UNESCO (UNESCO Category II Centre), Seoul, Korea

Sara Kim

Founder & Principal, Diagonal Thoughts, Seoul, Korea

Fuyuko Mezawa

Dancer & Company Manager, Baobab Dance Company, Tokyo, Japan

Meta Moeng

Arts Manager & Network Coordinator, Cambodia Living Arts; Community Projects Manager, SA SA BASSAC, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Hyunwoo Moon

Founder, Korea Cultural Diplomacy Team Arirang Yurangdan, Suwon, Republic of Korea

Jooim Moon

Senior Researcher, World Culture Open (WCO), Seoul, Republic of Korea

Chika Ogi

Specialist, Corporate and Project Planning, Shochiku Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan

Yuki Oka

Founder & Managing Director, Ubdobe, Tokyo, Japan


Senior Manager, Epic Arts Cambodia, Kampot, Cambodia

Soo Chung Om

Founder and CEO, Space Seon, Republic of Korea

Andrei Pamintuan

Creative Director, Pineapple Lab

Jiwon Park

Co-Founder & Director, Design Can Do, Seoul, Korea

SungSoo Park

Founder & Representative, BLEND Company, Seoul, Korea

Anouza Phothisane

Co-Founder, Loabangfai, Vientiane, Laos

Phloeun Prim

Executive Director, Cambodian Living Arts, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Arlette Quynh-Anh Tran

Curator & Director, Post Vidai, Saigon, Vietnam

Lomorpich Rithy

Independent Filmmaker, Director & Founder of Plerng Kob, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Frances Rudgard

Deputy Director, Cambodia Living Arts, Phnom Penh, Vietnam

Hannah Choi

Museum Instructor, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Korea, Seoul, Korea

Mark Salvaus

Founder and Artistic Director, 98B COLLABoratory

Nini Senkitchanuluck

Director of IBosses; Co-Founder and Deputy Director, Bizmatch Co.,LTD, Vientiane, Lao People's Democratic Republic

Phina So

Director, Women Writers Cambodia, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Sinath Sous

Senior HR Manager, Phare Performing Social Enterprise, Siem Reap City, Cambodia

Kyoko Sudo

Founder & Chairman, People Design Institute; Founder, NEXTIDEVOLUTION and Fujiyama Store, Tokyo, Japan

Eisuke Tachikawa

Founder, CEO & Design Architect, Nosigner, Yokohama, Japan

Shino Tsuchiya

Co-Founder & Director, HUB Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

Yuki Uchida

Urban Designer & Co-representative of Re:public Inc, Tokyo, Japan

Andrei Venal

Executive Creative Director, DAKILA Philippine Collective for Modern Heroism, Quezon City, Philippines

Kotaro Watanabe

Design engineer, Director, Takram, Tokyo, Japan

Chheangly Yeng

Co-Founder, Magic Library as well as Slap Paka Khmer, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Akinobu Yoshikawa

Senior Design Fellow, MakiBiz, Ishinomaki, Miyagi (previously Architecture for Humanity), Sendai, Japan

Mitsuhiro Yoshimoto

Director, Center for Arts and Culture, NLI Research Institute, Tokyo, Japan

SoonYoung Kim

Project Director, Playmakers Project, Work Together Foundation, Seoul, Republic of Korea


Devin Allen

Photographer, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Calley Anderson

Playwright; formerly Inclusion Manager, Memphis Symphony Orchestra, Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Michele Anderson

Rural Program Director, Springboard for the Arts

Maia Asshaq

Co-founder, Detroit Art Book Fair; Co-Founder, DittoDitto Books, Detroit, MI

Nicolas Aziz

Writer and Curator, New Orleans, LA

Jermaine Bell

Programming Director, Exittheapple Artspace, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Priya Bhayana

Director, Bromo Tower Arts & Entertainment District, Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Meryam Bouadjemi

Filmmaker and Founder, Jean Hill Studios, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Imani Brown

Director of Programs, Antenna, New Orleans, LA

Scott Burkholder

Executive Director, Baltimore Love Project, Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Shawn Burnett

Co-Founder and Executive Director, Walks of Art, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Chase Cantrell

Director, Building Community Value, Detroit, Michigan, USA

Rebecca Chan

Program Officer, Robert W. Deutsch Foundation, Baltimore, USA

Sharayna Ashanti Christmas

Executive Director, Muse 360 Arts, Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Zeke Cohen

Councilperson and Chair of Education and Youth Committee, Baltimore City, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Atianna Cordova

Independent Researcher and Designer, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Shelley Danner

Co-founder and Program Director, Challenge Detroit, Detroit, MI

Julia Di Bussolo

Executive Director, Arts Every Day, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

David Fakunle

Pre-Doctoral Fellow, Drug Dependence Epidemiology Training Program, Department of Mental Health, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, USA

Sayde Finkel

Senior Associate for Special Projects & Strategic Initiatives, Greater New Orleans Inc., New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Steven Fox

Co-Founder, Story Agents; Program Coordinator, Junior Achievement of Memphis & the Mid-South, Memphis, TN

Brian Gerardo

Entrepreneur, Dancer, Teaching Artist, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Brion Gill

Spoken Word Artist, Poetry Coach, Activist, Organizer and Educator, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Deana Haggag

Director, The Contemporary Museum of Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Brooke Hall

Co-Founder, Light City/ What Works Studios, Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Whitney Hardy

Executive Director, Young Arts Patrons, Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Cadeatra Harvey

Creative and Emerging Entrepreneur, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Melvin Henley

Creative Industries Strategist, Implementor and Advocate, Detroit, MI

Sammy Hoi

President, Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Sebastian Jackson

Founder & Co-Owner, The Social Club Grooming Company, Detroit, Michigan, USA

Lauren Kennedy

Executive Director, Urban Art Commission, Memphis, TN

Rachel Knox

Program Associate, Innovate Memphis, Memphis, TN

Fred Lazarus IV

President Emeritus, Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Amanda Lovelee

City Artist for Public Art Saint Paul

Steven McMahon

Company dancer, Choreographic and Associate Artistic Director, Ballet Memphis, Memphis, TN

Ian Nunley

Project Manager, Innovate Memphis, Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Fari Nzinga

Adjunct Professor, Bard Early College, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Samuel Oliver

Manager of Executive Affairs and Capital Projects, Contemporary Arts Center New Orleans, New Orleans, LA

Yasmine Omari

Marketing & Education Outreach Coordinator, Germantown Performing Arts Centre, Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Dan Price

Co-Founder & Executive Director, Creative Works, Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Marc Pronovost

General Manager and Artistic Director, B21; Curator, Maison de la Photo de Montréal, Montréal, Québec, Canada

Lauren Rossi

Creative Industries Program Manager, Creative Many, Detroit, Michigan, USA

Jung-Suk (JS) Ryu

Executive Director, Indefinite Arts Centre, Canmore, Alberta, Canada

Carla Schleicher

Artistic Programs and Project Coordinator, West Broadway Business and Area Coalition

Heidi Schmalbach

Deputy Director, Arts Council New Orleans, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Karah Shaffer

Executive Director, Facing Change: Documenting Detroit, Detroit, Michigan, USA

Nikki Shaffeeullah

Artistic Director, The AMY Project, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Patrick Shannon

Owner, InnoNative, Skidegate, British Columbia, Canada

Cameron Shaw

Executive Director, Pelican Bomb, New Orleans, LA

Alissa Shelton

Owner & Program Curator, Bank Suey, Detroit, Michigan, USA

Mariana Sheppard

Associate Director of Public Programs, Contemporary Arts Centre, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Alphonse Smith

Associate Director of Place and Civic Design, Arts Council of New Orleans, New Orleans, LA

Jess Solomon

Senior Program Officer, Robert W. Deutsch Foundation, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Elena Stoeva

Creative Placemaking Coordinator, Soulsville USA The Neighborhood, Memphis, TN

Ben Stone

Director of Arts & Culture, Smart Growth America/Transportation for America, Detroit, MI

Maggie Villegas

Executive Director, Baltimore Creatives Acceleration Network, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Chaun Webster

Poet and Graphic Designer; Co-Founder, Ancestry Books

Rebecca Willis

Project Manager/Designer, Detroit Collaborative Design Center, UDM School of Architecture, Detroit, MI

Adam Wiltgen

Program Director, Lanesboro Arts

Christopher Yepez

Multi-disciplinary Musician and Digital Media Artist, Detroit, MI

Helen Yung

Artist-Researcher, Culture of Cities Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Rasheida Adrianus

Director, Girls 'N Cocktails Productions Foundation, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Kenneth Asporaat

Theater Producer, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Toni Attard

Director of Strategy, Arts Council Malta, Valletta, Malta

Bora Baboci

Architect & Visual Artist, Tirana, Albania

Thijs Barendse

Independent Program Maker, Editor, and Moderator; Director of the public think tank, De Dependance, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Sophie Bargmann

Owner, gem creative agency, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Dominika Belanská

Architect, Journalist, Art Educator, Activist, Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Dimitrios Bogdanos

Creative Director & Founder/Theater Director, Actor and Drama Teacher, the.flat, Athens, Greece

Kristina Borg

Visual Artist & Project Coordinator, Santa Venera, Malta

Christiana Damanaki

Content Creator, Clio Muse, Athens, Greece

Lazaros Damanis

Creative Industries Entrepreneur, Athens, Greece

Sanne Donders

Photographer, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Kleidi Eski

Founder and Creative Director, Light and Moving, Tirana, Albania

Elaine Falzon


Gerhard Feldbacher

Designer & Architect, Salzburg, Austria

David Fisslthaler

Designer, Thinker, Artist, Salzburg, Austria

Despoina Gerasimidou

Director, Future Library Organization, Athens, Greece

Astrid Grossgasteiger

Director, Salzburg State Theater, Salzburg, Austria

Tjeerd Hendriks

Founder, Groos, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Bledi Hoxha

Project Coordinator for Entrepreneurship, Albanian-American Development Foundation, Tirana, Albania

Bruno Ismaili

Cultural Coordinator, Tirana Ekspres, Tirana, Albania

Dafni Kalafati

Founder, Amaka, Athens, Greece

Mirela Kocollari

Director, Cultural Heritage and Tourism at the Municipality of Tirana, Albania

Zuzana Kotiková

Manager, Košice Artist in Residence (K.A.I.R.), Košice, Slovak Republic

Alketa Kurrizo

Program Coordinator, Tirana Institute of Contemporary Art, Tirana, Albania

Thomas Layer-Wagner

Creative Entrepreneur, University of Applied Science Salzburg/ Polycular, Salzburg, Austria

Lida Mantzourani

Project Manager, Culturplay, Future Library, INELI, Athens, Greece

Konstantinos Matsourdelis

Founder & CEO, Museum of Greek Gastronomy, Athens, Greece

Kreshnik Merxhani

Freelance Architect, Tirana, Albania

Martin Murer

Research Fellow, Center for Human-Computer Interaction, University of Salzburg, Salzburg, Austria

Kibela Nasufi

Consultant for BID Berati, Albanian-American Development Foundation, Tirana, Albania

Ashley Nijland

Owner, RAAF, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Yiannis Nikolopoulos

Co-Founder & Lead Developer, Clio Muse, Athens, Greece

Nafsika Papadopoulou

External Collaborator and Project Coordinator, Neon Organization for Culture and Development, Athens, Greece

Ilir Parangoni

Coordinator of Cultural and Eco Tourism, Albanian-American Development Foundation, Tirana, Albania

Mily Paschali

Programming and Production Manager, Stavros Niarchos Cultural Center, Athens, Greece

Robert Praxmarer

Founder, Polycular, Hallein, Austria

Marius Qytyku

Specialist of Cultural Heritage and Arts, Municipality of Berat, Berat, Albania

Christian Riedlsperger

Lab Manager, Happy Lab, Salzburg, Austria

Seda Röder

Co-Founder, Sonophilia

Simone Rudolph

Communications & Assistant to the Director, Salzburg Summer Academy of Fine Arts, Salzburg, Austria

Annelies Senfter

Visual Artist, Salzburg, Austria

Romy Sigl

Lead Partner, Citylabor Salzburg; Founder, CoWorking Salzburg, Founder, Auf*Wind, Salzburg, Austria

Immanuel Spoor

Owner, On Track Agency, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Sotiris Stampoulis

Project Assistant, ??ART, Thessaloniki, Greece

Raya Stefanova

Artistic Director, ONE DESIGN WEEK, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Yoana Stefanova

Cultural Manager, One Foundation for Culture and Arts, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Albena Tagareva

Ph.D. Student at the Institute of Art Studies, Bulgarian Academic of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria

Mahasin Tanyaui

Director of DREAMERS INC.; columnist at Moslim Omroep; cultural entrepreneur, Rotterdam; Salzburg Global Young Cultural Innovator

Taulant Dibra

Founder and CEO, TD architecture Studio, Shkodra, Albania

Andi Tepelena

Producer & Art Director, Art Kontakt, Tirana, Albania

Dora Thanopoulou

Educator, Marketeer, Co-Director, Logou Paignion, Athens, Greece

Elyse Tonna

Design Architect; Board Member, Malta Society of Arts, Naxxar, Malta

Gabriella Triantafyllis

Programming and Production Manager, Stavros Niarchos Foundation, Athens, Greece

Violetta Tsitsiliani

Cultural Manager, The Language Project, Athens, Greece

Michal Tursky

Project Manager, f4u group, Bratislava, Slovakia

Leal van Herwaarden

Head of Education & Events, HipHopHuis / Circle of Codes, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Andreas Vierziger

Artistic & Strategic Consultant, Salzburg, Austria

Chryssa Vlachopoulou

Communication, Press Officer and Events Manager, BIOS, Athens, Greece

Rüdiger Wassibauer

Artistic Director, Schmiede Hallein, Hallein, Austria

Alexander Wengler

Dancer, Choreographer; Cultural Manager, Kunsthilfe Salzburg, Austria

Lucy Wilhelm

Lucy Wilhelm Design, Mondsee, Austria

Christian Winkler

Cultural Manager, Curator & Texter, Salzburg, Austria

Stephania Xydia

Managing Director, Managing Director, Place Identity GR, Athens, Greece

Viktor Yankov

Festival Director, Open Arts Foundation, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Liliya Yovcheva