Fellows by City or Regional Hub

Buenos Aires
Cape Town
New Orleans
Mekong Delta
Rhodes Scholars
Upper Midwest USA


Devin Allen

Photographer, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Carly Bales

Performance Artist & Cultural Organizer; Executive Director, Le Mondo; Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Jermaine Bell

Programming Director, Exittheapple Artspace, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Priya Bhayana

Director, Bromo Tower Arts & Entertainment District, Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Meryam Bouadjemi

Filmmaker and Founder, Jean Hill Studios, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Scott Burkholder

Executive Director, Baltimore Love Project, Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Shawn Burnett

Co-Founder and Executive Director, Walks of Art, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Rebecca Chan

Program Officer, Robert W. Deutsch Foundation, Baltimore, USA

Sharayna Ashanti Christmas

Executive Director, Muse 360 Arts, Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Nicholas Cohen

Executive Director, Maryland Citizens for the Arts, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Zeke Cohen

Councilperson and Chair of Education and Youth Committee, Baltimore City, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Julia Di Bussolo

Executive Director, Arts Every Day, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Alexis Dixon

Arts Administrator, Curator, Visual Artist; Executive Assistant, Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Dave Eassa

Visual Artist; Manager of Community Engagement, Baltimore Museum of Art; Baltimore, Maryland, USA

David Fakunle

Pre-Doctoral Fellow, Drug Dependence Epidemiology Training Program, Department of Mental Health, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, USA

Brian Gerardo

Entrepreneur, Dancer, Teaching Artist, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Brion Gill

Spoken Word Artist, Poetry Coach, Activist, Organizer and Educator, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Deana Haggag

Director, The Contemporary Museum of Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Brooke Hall

Co-Founder, Light City/ What Works Studios, Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Cadeatra Harvey

Creative and Emerging Entrepreneur, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Sammy Hoi

President, Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Fred Lazarus IV

President Emeritus, Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Jess Solomon

Senior Program Officer, Robert W. Deutsch Foundation, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Ben Stone

Director of Arts & Culture, Smart Growth America/Transportation for America, Detroit, MI

Maggie Villegas

Executive Director, Baltimore Creatives Acceleration Network, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Bilphena Yahwon

Writer; Outreach Coordinator, Restorative Response Baltimore, Maryland, USA


Gerhard Feldbacher

Designer & Architect, Salzburg, Austria

David Fisslthaler

Designer, Thinker, Artist, Salzburg, Austria

Astrid Grossgasteiger

Director, Salzburg State Theater, Salzburg, Austria

Katharina Kapsamer

Visual Artist & Cultural Worker, Salzburg & Vienna, Austria

Thomas Layer-Wagner

Creative Entrepreneur, University of Applied Science Salzburg/ Polycular, Salzburg, Austria

Matthias Leboucher

Musician; Co-Founder, New Art and Music Ensemble Salzburg (NAMES), Salzburg, Austria

Stefano Mori

Architect & Project Manager, Studio Anna Heringer, Salzburg, Austria

Martin Murer

Research Fellow, Center for Human-Computer Interaction, University of Salzburg, Salzburg, Austria

Irina Paraschivoiu

Research Fellow, Center for Human-Computer Interaction, University of Salzburg, Austria

Robert Praxmarer

Founder, Polycular, Hallein, Austria

Christian Riedlsperger

Lab Manager, Happy Lab, Salzburg, Austria

Seda Röder

Co-Founder, Sonophilia

Simone Rudolph

Communications & Assistant to the Director, Salzburg Summer Academy of Fine Arts, Salzburg, Austria

Annelies Senfter

Visual Artist, Salzburg, Austria

Romy Sigl

Lead Partner, Citylabor Salzburg; Founder, CoWorking Salzburg, Founder, Auf*Wind, Salzburg, Austria

Andreas Vierziger

Artistic & Strategic Consultant, Salzburg, Austria

Rüdiger Wassibauer

Artistic Director, Schmiede Hallein, Hallein, Austria

Alexander Wengler

Dancer, Choreographer; Cultural Manager, Kunsthilfe Salzburg, Austria

Lucy Wilhelm

Lucy Wilhelm Design, Mondsee, Austria

Christian Winkler

Cultural Manager, Curator & Texter, Salzburg, Austria