Past Program

There is growing consensus that collaborative leadership is critical to crisis management and to building back better. Faced with whole-of-system challenges and much uncertainty, leaders are taking a more integrative approach to achieving change at scale. Collaborative leadership is setting new standards for engaging in the wider ecosystem. It is also pivoting ‘business as usual’ practices for leading within organizations and teams, as hierarchical, uni-directional practices prove to be unfit for quick decision making and drawing out collective intelligence. 

In this series, Sciana cohort 4 members share insights and experiences in leading through the COVID-19 crisis. This meeting explores how to build bridges across boundaries and navigate the tensions between national and sub-national level of governance. Members draw on its community of European health leaders at Sciana to source strategies for managing, surviving, and recovering from the crisis.

This session was open to all sciana cohort 3 members, ambassadors, and team.