Past Program


The Sciana network provides members, initially drawn from the UK, Germany and Switzerland, with space to take inspiration and learning from across the globe, and time to share insights gained from their own experiences with peers, with whom they will work to address some of the shared challenges we are facing across Europe.


Sciana Members

Mathias Binswanger
Book author; Political Advisor to the Parliament and the Federal Government in Switzerland
Annabelle Boettcher
Professor, Center for Middle East Studies, University of Southern Denmark, Odense
Shera Chok
Medical Director, Tower Hamlets GP Federation, UK
Jérôme Cosandey
Director for French-speaking Switzerland and Head of Research "Sustainable Welfare State", Avenir Suisse
Vinod Diwakar
Regional Medical Director for London, NHS England; Practising Paediatrician
Helle Dokken
Head of Nursing Department,University Hospital Göttingen
Anne-Marie Engel
Director of Grants, Leading Private Danish foundation; Board Member, University of Oslo, Innovation Fund Denmark
Ailsa Swarbrick
Director, Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) National Unit, Tavistock and Portman mental health NHS Trust, London
Lutz Hager
Executive Director, IKK Südwest, Saarbrücken
Amit Khutti
Entrepreneur, Co-founder, Zava (previously DrEd), Europe's largest online GP service
Robert Klaber
Consultant General Paediatrician, Imperial College, Healthcare NHS Trust
Richard Lee
Chief Operating Officer, St. John Ambulance, UK
Anja Leetz
Environmental Health Consultant in the UK and Germany; Former Executive Director, Health Care Without Harm Europe
Annamaria Mueller
Head, Cantonal Office for Hospital Services, Bern
Rahel Naef
Nurse Scientist, University Hospital Zurich (UHZ)
Annabel Seebohm
Secretary General, Standing Committee of European Doctors (CPME)
Stefan Spycher
Vice Director-General, Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH)
Werner Widmer
Economist; CEO, Stiftung Diakoniewerk Neumünster, Zollikerberg/Zürich