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On July 15, 1947, over 100 young Europeans and Americans gathered for the inaugural Salzburg Seminar in American Civilization. Only two years earlier, many had been bitter enemies – but for six weeks, they studied and lived together at Schloss Leopoldskron, many forming lifelong bonds. More than 70 years on, we continue to celebrate that sense of global fellowship with our annual Salzburg Global Day.

Salzburg Global Seminar invites all our Fellows all over the world to join us in celebrating the 3rd Salzburg Global Day this July 15. From hosting and attending events in your city to joining in online, find out how you can be part of this celebration.

When our founders launched that first program in 1947, they took on a great risk. There was a financial risk – where would the money come from to cover the travel and food at an Austrian palace for six weeks? There was an operational risk – how would they get all these young professionals and academics into the American-occupied zone of Austria and would the then-dilapidated Schloss Leopoldskron be ready? But the greatest risk of all was: would it work? Would these former adversaries, just two years after the second world war in 30 years, be able to come together, overcome their differences and forge meaningful connections? 

That risk clearly paid off. Over seven decades later that “community of Fellows” has grown from 100 to over 37,000, spanning more than 170 countries on six continents. But we still all face risks.


This year, to mark our annual Salzburg Global Day on July 15, we’re inviting our Fellows to explore the risks you deal with in your own work – and how we can work together to have greater impact in the face of ever-growing challenges. Come together in person at social gatherings in your city or join us online for an exclusive webinar!

If you would like to host an event, we will support you with the organization and help you invite local Fellows. Check out our suggested event types and fill out this form.  


In addition to our webinar, you can also participate in Salzburg Global Day online by posting anecdotes, photos and videos about your own experiences of risk on social media, using the hashtags #ShareWithSGS and #SalzburgGlobalDay. You can also just share with us your favorite memories of your time at Schloss Leopoldskron or with other Fellows! Please make sure you make the post public, or we won’t be able to see it! If you do not use any form of social media, you are welcome to send your stories to our Communications Team, and we’ll share them for you!

Spread the word and join us on this day that calls for a celebration!

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Event Types

Salzburg Global Day is all about coming together – whether in-person or online, and whether purely socially or for a substantive discussion. The choice is yours! 

  • Social Gathering
    Host an informal get-together in a place of your choice – be that your own venue or a local café, bar or restaurant. Maybe you can even find a local place reminiscent of Austria to spark even greater nostalgia? Find out who else lives near you, share your Salzburg experiences, and connect with other local change-makers! 
  • Webinar 
    Join one of our three online discussions, hosted by our Program Directors, exploring this year’s theme of risk – what risks do we face and how can we better tackle them together? All you need is your own internet connection and preferably a webcam. 
  • Discussion Event
    Host a formal discussion by either joining one of the three webinars or using our Fellowship-exclusive video content as conversation starter. Take the lead and enjoy Salzburg Global Day by creating a Salzburg-like environment where Fellows can interact and share their stories. For this type of event, you will need a location with the equipment necessary to join the webinar and/or screen the video (e.g. screen, projector, internet access, etc.).
  • Discussion Event + Social Gathering
    Continue your meaningful conversations at a casual social get-together! Why not combine your discussion event with an informal dinner or drinks at a nearby restaurant or bar? 
  • Other
    If you have any other ideas for your event, we would love to hear them! Do not miss the chance to network with your local Fellows and enjoy this festive day! 

If you are interested in hosting any of the above, please fill out this form.