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On July 15, 1947, over 100 young Europeans and Americans gathered for the inaugural Salzburg Seminar in American Civilization. Only two years earlier, many had been bitter enemies – but for six weeks, they studied and lived together at Schloss Leopoldskron, many forming lifelong bonds. More than 70 years on, we continue to celebrate that sense of global fellowship with our annual Salzburg Global Day.

Salzburg Global Seminar invites all our Fellows all over the world to join us in celebrating the 3rd Salzburg Global Day this July 15. From attending alumni gatherings to joining in online, find out how you can be part of this celebration.


You can participate in Salzburg Global Day online by posting anecdotes, photos and videos about your own experiences with our programs on social media, using the hashtags #ShareWithSGS and #SalzburgGlobalDay. You can also just share with us your favorite memories of your time at Schloss Leopoldskron or with other Fellows! Please make sure you make the post public, or we won’t be able to see it! If you do not use any form of social media, you are welcome to send your stories to our Communications Team, and we’ll share them for you!


This year we have Salzburg Global Day alumni get-togethers confirmed in:

Cape Town, South Africa

London, United Kingdom

Salzburg, Austria

San Antonio, TX, USA

Seoul, South Korea


Send us a video message, recorded on a mobile phone camera (horizontal, please!) You can wish us a “Happy Salzburg Global Day” and/or answer: “How did Salzburg Global Seminar help you to shape a better world?” The messages will be compiled into a video compilation after the event.

Spread the word and join us on this day that calls for a celebration!

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General Information

What is Salzburg Global Day?
Salzburg Global Day is an opportunity to reflect, reconnect, and rediscover the magic of Salzburg Global Seminar and Schloss Leopoldskron. 

When did we start celebrating Salzburg Global Day?
Salzburg Global Day was celebrated for the first time in 2017 as part of Salzburg Global Seminar’s 70th anniversary celebrations.

How can I participate?
Whether online or offline, we have a way you can take part in the fun. You can go to an organized event near you, host an event yourself, and participate in one of our webinars. You can also share your thoughts and memories about Salzburg Global Seminar on social media using the hashtags #ShareWithSGS and #SalzburgGlobalDay!

Do I need to travel to Salzburg if I want to celebrate Salzburg Global Day?
No. Salzburg Global Day can be celebrated anywhere in the world!

Hosting an Event

What do I need to do to host an event?
Firstly, thank you for showing interest in hosting a Salzburg Global Day event! To start, please continue reading the following FAQs, review our suggested event types (see below) and then let us know about your plans by filling out this form or email us at

If I host an event, what are the practical steps that are expected of me?
We will, of course, support you throughout the whole process. Your primary role will be making the arrangements on the ground: organizing the venue, setting up any necessary equipment and being the host for the event. We will help you craft the invitation, with the RSVP-management, and provide you with content to start the conversation.

If I host an event, are you going to provide me with a budget?
No. While we would love to help financially, Salzburg Global Seminar does not have an allocated budget for Salzburg Global Day events. 

If I host an event, how much do I have to spend?
We hope all Salzburg Global Day events can be arranged cost neutral for the organizing Fellows. Obviously, this depends on the event your planning to host. Ideally, you would have a venue available free of charge (through your work, for example) or you would reserve a public space (e.g., café, bar, restaurant). This way, you wouldn’t need to spend any money on securing a venue.

If I host an event that involves dinner or drinks or other refreshments, do I have to pay for everyone?
No, you are not obligated to pay. For most events organized for last year’s celebration, Fellows were asked to cover the costs for their own consumption in restaurants or bars.  We can indicate this arrangement in the invitation we are sending out the Fellows.

If I’m interested in hosting just a discussion event, do I need to pay any extra costs?
If you have a venue and the equipment for showing a video, you don’t have to spend money on anything else! 

Attending an Event

How can I find out about events near me?
If you haven’t received an invitation to an event near you yet, a list of all of the confirmed events will be available on this website soon.

Can I join an event even if I don’t know the host?
All events are open to all Salzburg Global Fellows! So yes, if you are a Fellow, please join! 

Will the events offer any refreshments and food?
This depends on the format of the event you are going to. Please check with the host of the event you are planning to attend if it is unclear.

Do I have to pay for anything?
While general attendance of the events is free of charge, please keep in mind that Fellows may need to pay for their own consumption for food and drinks (especially for events held in public spaces, e.g., cafés, bars, restaurants).