Goals and Priorities

Goals and Priorities for the Public Sector Strategy Network

Network Goals

The Network aims to build a mutually-supportive coalition of engaged individuals and institutions that are better equipped to be at the cutting edge of public sector strategy, innovation and forward planning. It has four concrete goals:

  • Facilitate active ongoing peer-to-peer learning under the values of trust and open exchange, sharing best practices and lessons learned from system failure and recovery;
  • Help senior leaders and rising talents in government reimagine the design, delivery, and funding of core services and develop more effective partnerships and communication with citizens, civil society and business;
  • Support “intrapreneurship” within public sector culture and recruitment through new ways to redeploy, reskill, and reorganize people and operations; and
  • Optimize cross-sector government innovation to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Network Priorities

  • Connect outstanding leaders in public sector strategy who can most benefit from membership and will thus play an active but manageable role in developing the Network;
  • Create opportunities for members to pool their insights and tap into each other’s expertise, ensuring that in-person meetings can be deeper and more reflective; and
  • Give practical support to members through themed online events, thought leadership (articles, op-eds), external resource experts, and online communication channels.