The Public Sector Strategy Network: A Platform for Growth

In a rapidly changing world, governments have to tackle diverse new challenges, disruptions and opportunities. From emerging technologies to shifting public expectations, governments and civil servants will need new approaches and flexibility to offer their citizens the best service possible.

One of the most valuable resources for public sector leaders is to meet on equal terms with world-class peers from different jurisdictions and to have frank conversations with top cross-sectoral innovators. The Public Sector Strategy Network has created a dynamic platform for practical cooperation and impact, using its convening power to connect governments and innovators who are leading the way to take advantage of new opportunities and meet future challenges.

Countries and institutions participating in the Network have agreed to work together informally to expand cross-border exchanges, including exclusive virtual webinars among members, physical site visits, and year-round networking and thought leadership. 

Building on outcomes from the Annual Foresight Retreat, the Network develops ongoing activities tailored to members’ inputs and domestic priorities for demonstrable and sustainable results and also tracks the impact of continuous peer-to-peer learning in the public sector.