The Finding Outbreaks Faster series addresses the need to identify, prepare for, and deter outbreaks in an ever-connected world. Launched in 2018, it will define new timeliness metrics to monitor progress toward finding and reporting pandemic outbreaks faster across different sectors, including the public health, livestock, wildlife, vector and environmental communities.

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New Timeliness Metrics Seek to Improve Pandemic Preparedness

Fellows devise first-ever “One Health” timeliness metrics to track improvements in disease surveillance

Don’t Be Scared, Get Prepared

As the world faces another possible pandemic, experts ask how can we find outbreaks faster?

Remembering Melinda Moore

Ending Pandemics present books to Salzburg Global in memory of public health expert Melinda Moore

Elevating the One Health Approach and Saving Lives

Veterinary pathologist Tracey S. McNamara on advocating for a species neutral approach

Bridging Divisions and Developing New Partnerships

Veterinarian Kachen Wongsathapornchai reflects on populations understanding One Health

Reaching Common Ground and Improving Our Impact

ECDC division head Jan C. Semenza discusses One Health and being part of a bigger system

Salzburg Global and Ending Pandemics Create One Health Timeliness Metrics

Development of One Health timeliness metrics occurs ahead of fourth annual One Health Day

Finding Outbreaks Faster: Metrics for One Health Surveillance

Specialists convene in Salzburg to determine outbreak milestones relevant to animal, wildlife, and environmental sectors

Identifying the Next Steps Forward to Find Outbreaks Faster

Participants of Finding Outbreaks Faster: How Do We Measure Progress? offer personal and professional commitments to move work forward

Hot Topics - Who Are the Key Stakeholders We Need to Work with to Improve Outbreak Timeliness Metrics?

Salzburg Global Fellows share their views during Session 613 - Finding Outbreaks Faster - How Do We Measure Progress?
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