Past Program


Trust in governments, institutions and news is at an all-time low. Public debate and civic engagement are hit by the loss of independent and local media, societal polarization, and rising ‘techno-colonization’ and privacy concerns. How can leaders in media and other sectors tackle the global information disorder, and harness new technologies and business models for more informed and inclusive societies worldwide?

In our 24/7 digital world, news production and consumption has been radically disrupted for journalists, media industries, politicians, and ordinary citizens. Hallmarks of responsible journalism and public communication – to verify and authenticate information – conflict with ‘infobesity’, ‘infotainment’ and the ‘attention economy’. Divides are widening between different generations and social groups. Vast power asymmetries separate global and local stakeholders in media and technology. 

Building on its internationally-respected programs and networks, Salzburg Global convened a small meeting in July 2019 on Media, Democracy and Trust in a Post-Truth Era to scope a major new initiative. From 2020, the Salzburg Global Forum on Media and Public Trust aims to build a diverse international network of leaders and disruptors across key sectors to advance foresight, innovation and peer-to-peer dialogue on: critical challenges and trends; new strategies and norms; and sustainable business models for local and global media.

Goals of 2019 Program 
•    Expand collaboration at the nexus of journalism, media, technology, politics, and civil society. 
•    Shape priorities, goals and partnerships  to launch the Salzburg Global Forum on Media and Public Trust in 2020. 
•    Leverage Salzburg Global’s deep commitment to freedom of expression, media independence and responsibility, and digital and media literacy education for sound democracies.