About the Salzburg Academy on Media & Global Change

The Salzburg Academy on Media & Global Change is a unique three-week action research and critical making program that brings young media makers together from around the world to critique and create civic media for social change. The academy focuses on responding to the wicked problems of the world, and values human connections and co-creation of media initiatives to solve them. We focus on developing media and digital literacies that can be applied to inform intractable issues that face us today. 

Over 70 students and a dozen faculty from all five continents gather annually in Salzburg to work in international teams and across disciplines. Since be founded in 2007, a global network of young media innovators has emerged, with over 830 students, 175 faculty, and a host of visiting scholars and practitioners. In this time, participants in the Academy have built:

  • Prototypes plans for media innovation
  • Global Case Studies that explore media's role in the world across borders, cultures, and divides
  • Digital Vignettes that show media's impact on the world
  • Global Media Literacy Models for engaging communities to be more sustainable and vibrant in digital culture
  • A Network of young media innovators that work to lead and invent the future media industries best suited for success in digital culture

Students produce substantial collaborative projects based on the year's theme.


This is NOT another study abroad.

The Academy is premised on providing the following opportunities to its participants: 

  • Students will join a global student body of emerging leaders in media fields around the world, learning from diverse faculty, and integrating into a global community like few others.
  • Faculty will join a network of active researchers and teachers, producing scholarship that pushes the boundaries of thinking into global spaces.
  • All participants will become part of Salzburg Global Seminar's network of over 26,000 living alumni, and 15 partner schools, that actively engage in strategic partnerships and projects across all disciplines, across the world.

The big idea:

The Salzburg Academy on Media & Global Change should not be seen as simply a student study abroad program, but a core part of a new innovation space that explores media literacy & global change.

Students and faculty will have the chance to lead global research projects, involve students in year round explorations on media literacy, engaged citizenship, and global participation.

The arc of the Academy is as follows:

  • Mission - The Salzburg Academy challenges students and faculty to harness creative media to inform global problem-solving.
  • Vision - Our vision is to encourage a generation of innovators in journalism, communications research and information design who can drive institutional and community change at scale.
  • Strategy - Our strategy is to convene extremely promising students from highly diverse backgrounds, expose them to leading thinkers and practitioners, and support breakthrough collaborations that result in implementable practices, technologies, and designs.
  • Program - We partner with selected universities to identify students with remarkable promise, and to create a laboratory environment where media innovation can flourish, face-to-face and virtually.
  • Outcomes - Salzburg Academy faculty and fellows deploy media applications, analysis and reporting to produce specific breakthroughs in problem framing, understanding and solution.