How can we use art and the media as tools for change?

Principles and Recommendations to advance LGBT human rights

How can we use art and the media as tools for change?

Telling our stories challenges misrepresentations of sexual and gender diversity as well as dominant patriarchal and hetero-normative values.

Increasing the visibility of LGBT people and communities in mainstream and alternative media and spaces is a key step to counter homo-lesbo-transphobia.

Culture and art are essential to dialogue on political and social change.

Artists sharing ideas, experiences and collaborations can empower those working on LGBT issues.

Skills building and appropriate financial resources are vital to advance dialogue, collaboration and visibility.

We need to work with all media to develop standards to ensure dignified and accurate representation.

Social media has become a major global tool for activism and advocacy. However, hate speech, online security, censorship and the digital divide are challenges that need to be confronted.