Past Program

The global coronavirus pandemic is affecting communities worldwide – the LGBT* community is no exception. As a community that is both often ostracized when receiving physical and mental healthcare and has already lived through decades of stigma attached to another epidemic – HIV/AIDS – the LGBT* community especially needs support to find strength and resilience.

Acknowledging the isolation and anxieties that many of its Fellows are currently facing, the Salzburg Global LGBT* Forum has initiated a series of online meetings to provide a space for them to share the challenges they are facing, the anxieties with which they are dealing, and the opportunities they have discovered amid this crisis.

Program Focus

This second meeting in the series LGBT* Communities in Times of COVID-19 focused on the impact the COVID-19 crisis is having on different LGBT communities around the world including: LGBT elders; lesbian women; and LGBT refugees and how to build and maintain diaspora networks in isolation. Global connections were also drawn between these various threads.

Program Goals

This online Fellowship meeting sought to:

  • Strengthen the Salzburg Global LGBT* Forum network by virtually reuniting Fellows in this time of crisis;
  • Focus on specific themes that might not get sufficient attention during this crisis; and
  • Plan initiatives, production of content and shared responsibilities for future virtual gatherings of the Salzburg Global LGBT* Forum.

Program Participation

This program was open to Fellows of Salzburg Global LGBT* Forum series only.