The Salzburg Global Law and Technology Forum is curating a high-level, cross-sectoral leadership network connecting technology, law, policy, academia and civil society, to consider current challenges and emerging trends. It enhances opportunities for cross-border frameworks; equip judges, regulators, policymakers, and the legal profession to understand new technology; and align law and ethics with technological progress.

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5 Risks the World Needs to Get Real About

From climate change to the erosion of trust, the world is facing many challenges. Before we can find solutions we need to well-understand the problems

5 Ways AI is Changing our World for the Better

Man has long feared the rise of the machine – his own creation becoming smarter and more intelligent than he. But while artificial intelligence and machine learning are rapidly changing our world and powering the Fourth Industrial Revolution, humanity does not need to be afraid

Law and Technology: Privacy, Security, and Ethics in an Asymmetric World

Report from the inaugural program of the Salzburg Global Law and Technology Forum now available online

Meeting in the Middle and Increasing Trust

Lee Hibbard, deputy secretary of Committee on Bioethics of the Council of Europe, reflects on reaching out across sectors, metrics for ethics, and doing the right thing

The Truth About Trade Agreements in the Digital Age

Former U.S. trade representative Robert Holleyman speaks with Salzburg Global on the question of incorporating digital tech into trade agreements

Laws, Tech, and Narratives for the Future

Executive director for the People-Centered Internet Coalition Dr. David Bray writes op-ed inspired by conversations at the Salzburg Global Law and Technology Forum

Being a “Tech Optimist” in a Digital Age

Eirik Øwre Thorshaug, vice president at Telenor Group, discusses how the public and private sector can come together when regulating technology

Shaping a Better Future with Breakthrough Technologies

Tereza Bartoníčková, founder and president of the Internet Institute of the Czech Republic, speaks with Salzburg Global about her work

Privacy, Security, and Ethics in an Asymmetric World

The inaugural program of the Salzburg Global Law and Technology Forum to take place this week

Shedding Light on the Legal Use of Drone Warfare

Baroness Helena Kennedy and Professor Anne-Marie Slaughter lead the conversation for Third Annual Lloyd N. Cutler Lecture 
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