Past Program

Open exchange of ideas and strong global cross-cultural relationships create fertile ground for innovation. In the last five decades, the Republic of Korea has undergone rapid transformation, in large part thanks to its curiosity for and receptivity to the ideas of others. How can Korean leaders maintain this spirit of openness and build strong relationships with the rest of the world? 

The Salzburg Global Seminar – Korea Foundation Fellowship program builds on a long partnership between the Korea Foundation and Salzburg Global Seminar. The foundation of this partnership has always been to support current and future Korean leaders to gain cross-cultural experience, grow international networks, and bring a Korean perspective to global conversations.

In this online peer-networking meeting, Fellows will build relationships with other globally-minded Koreans and explore what it means to them to be Korean in a globalized world. 

This session is for participants of the Salzburg Global Seminar – Korea Foundation Fellowship program only.