Past Program


Even before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare systems around the world were under increased pressure to deliver high-quality and efficient care to growing and ageing populations under conditions of limited and often strained resources. The global pandemic has increased these pressures many-fold, and the demand for new solutions from technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) is higher than ever. How can AI applications help address the expanding healthcare needs of transforming populations, while at the same time meet the growing demand for customized and personal care? What are the concrete immediate and long-term challenges they can help to solve?

The newly launched Japan-India Transformative Technology Network seeks to connect and empower a critical mass of outstanding change-makers in two of Asia’s largest democracies – India and Japan. This online discussion for Fellows of the Network is part of a series designed to deepen Fellows’ understanding of these challenges and begin exploring how to formulate solutions to address them.

This program is open exclusively to accepted participants of the Japan-India Transformative Technology Network.