Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea

Population – 6,310,129
Jewish Population – Unknown

Government-Related Holocaust Education

Department of Education – Papua New Guinea does not mandate the teaching of the Holocaust, nor is it included in their state curriculum.  The Lower Secondary Syllabus of their Social Science curriculum does include lessons on ethics and human rights in year nine.  Papua New Guinea has a National Commission for UNESCO.

National Human Rights Commission – Papua New Guinea does not currently have a Human Rights Commission.  However, in 1997 the government approved, in principle, the establishment of a human rights commission, a commitment whish was reaffirmed in 2007.  In 2008, a draft organic law on the establishment of a human rights commission was prepared, but this draft bill has yet to go through the parliamentary process.  Once endorsed, it is anticipated that the Human Rights Commission will be operational in 2012.

General Holocaust Education/Information

There is no established Jewish Community in Papua New Guinea.  A small community of about 800 people called the Gogodala exists there, who claim descent as one of the lost tribes of Israel.